Licious gets National Meat Research Institute Certificate for being India’s Juiciest Chicken

Licious gets National Meat Research Institute Certificate for being India’s Juiciest Chicken
Photo - Licious

Brace yourself for an explosion of flavor as Licious, India’s most-loved D2C meat and seafood brand, proudly takes the title of 'India's Juiciest Chicken,' a certification bestowed by the ICAR - National Meat Research Institute. The certification is a testimony to the brand’s constant efforts to elevate the Indian meat industry. To reiterate its proposition further of how Sundays are meant to be celebrated with the juiciness of Licious offerings, the brand also unveiled a heartwarming film starring the evergreen Bollywood icons - Gajraj Rao and Sheeba Chaddha.

Telling us more about the campaign and certification, Santosh Hegde, Vice President, Brand at Licious, added - “Being recognized by ICAR-National Meat Research Institute is a huge honor for the brand. At Licious, every bite is an explosion of flavor, and being 'Certified India’s Juiciest Chicken’ is a proud moment for us and our customers. This certification affirms our dedication to providing unparalleled moments of satisfaction and culinary bliss. As you savor the succulence of Licious chicken, envision not just a meal but a celebration – a celebration of richness, tenderness, and the joy that each bite brings. In line with this, we’ve also launched a new film that embodies the joy of relishing Licious offerings. This isn't just a campaign; it's an aspiration to elevate your Sundays to a symphony of taste and togetherness. So, what are you waiting for? Now certified bliss and juicy delight are just one click away.

The vibrant film conceptualized by Sideways Consulting opens in a household starring charismatic Gajraj Rao as Mamaji and Sheeba Chaddha as Mami Ji. In the flavorful narrative of Licious, both embark on a delightful journey that goes beyond the dining table. As the male protagonist relishes the tangdi chicken to the bone, the revelation unfolds – Licious is now officially 'Certified India’s Juiciest Chicken’.' The film captures this declaration as the couple rejoices, but the female protagonist rather boasts that unofficially she had always known that Licious is the juiciest chicken, all thanks to the way her husband relishes the meaty meal at the table. The film ends on a humorous note as the husband chuckles as we can see the juices dripping from his fingers and mouth.  The film will be aired on TV and digital platforms, and the brand is hopeful to partner with Sideways Consulting to extend the campaign platform into more exciting initiatives. 

Catch the film on the brand’s Youtube channel HERE.

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