Milky Mist & Dvara E-Dairy partner to adopt digital cattle management solutions

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Milky Mist & Dvara E-Dairy partner to adopt digital cattle management solutions

Tamil Nadu based Milky Mist, one of the largest milk aggregators and a leading dairy brand in South India, has partnered with Dvara E-Dairy Solutions to provide new-age technology solutions to its over 60,000 dairy farmers across the 13 districts in Tamil Nadu. Milky Mist procures approximately 6 lakh litres of milk daily from these farmers to produce an array of dairy products. It is known to convert all the milk procured into value-added products. Through this partnership, the company aims to augment the milk yield and production capacity of the farmers and improve their livelihood through the adoption of new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence that Dvara E-Dairy is pioneering.

Generally, the dairy farmers have a few issues like higher inter calving period, low productivity of milk animals, lack of knowledge on scientific feeding and best practices for primary and preventive care for the cattle. To address these challenges, Dvara E-Dairy will provide Milky Mist farmers with technological solutions like the Surabhi Score for Financial Access (SSFA) and cattle specific recommendations & Dvara Surabhi Index (DSI) to help them manage their cattle's health and adopt scientific methods to improve their procurement volume and enhance their income from dairying.

Regarding the partnership, Ravi K A, co-founder and chief executive officer of Dvara E-Dairy Solutions, said, "We are delighted to partner with Milky Mist to support their producer farmers in solving pertinent problems. We are confident that the digital intervention will help farmers to increase milk production and improve the quality of milk to complement the growth plans of Milky Mist. Thousands of farmers are using the Dvara Surabhi Index (DSI) across India to know the cows' health status (as an indicator) in less than a minute in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach. At the same time, SSFA enables a digital assessment of the cattle and provides cattle specific recommendations for the dairy farmers. The partnership is expected to bring a game-changing approach in the dairy industry."

Commenting on this collaboration, Dr K Rathnam, chief executive officer of Milky Mist, said, "The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based app developed by Dvara E-Dairy Solutions to monitor, assess and correct feeding practices of dairy cattle is going to be a game-changer for the Indian dairy industry, with positive consequences of impacting sustainable income to the milk producers and social upliftment. Milky Mist is happy to collaborate with Dvara E-Dairy Solutions to help small dairy farmers increase their income and scientifically manage dairy."

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