Mohanlal joins hands with Craze Biscuits to take the brand to Global market

Craze Biscuits has appointed Mohanlal as their Brand Ambassador, Craze Chairman Abdul Azeez Chovanchery, Director Ali Ziyan, are seen alongside
Craze Biscuits has appointed Mohanlal as their Brand Ambassador, Craze Chairman Abdul Azeez Chovanchery, Director Ali Ziyan, are seen alongsidePhoto - Newsvior

Mohanlal has signed an agreement (MoU) to become the brand ambassador for Craze Biscuits, aligning with the company's global expansion initiatives. The announcement ceremony that marked this significant partnership was graced by the presence of Craze Chairman Abdul Azeez Chovanchery, Director Ali Ziyan, and Brand Strategist V.A. Shrikumar.

This appointment of Mohanlal as the brand ambassador is a significant milestone for Craze Biscuits as he is the first brand ambassador in the company's 38-year history.

Mohanlal shared his excitement about becoming a part of Craze Biscuits' global journey and expressed, "India has always been a remarkable land, offering exquisite tastes to global food adventures. I am thrilled to take the renowned flavors from India to the world with Craze Biscuits and bring pride to the entire nation."

Abdul Azeez Chovanchery, chairman of Craze Biscuits, expressed his confidence in Mohanlal's role in promoting Craze Biscuits. He remarked, "Lalettan is joining our mission to spread the taste of Craze Biscuits to the world. He has always been an ambassador of good taste. Lalettan will certainly be able to make Craze a world favorite."

"Craze’ Cream Biscuits, the perennial favorite, will soon be available in various flavors," said director Ali Ziyan.

Craze Biscuits, a brand with a significant following in the country, has transformed to meet world-class standards following its acquisition by Azcco Global. Craze Biscuits entered the market by establishing Kerala's largest food and confectionery factory and an international standard production facility in Kinaloor, Kozhikode. Remarkably, all 12 variants of biscuits introduced by Craze have enjoyed significant market success.

Craze Biscuits is the first manufacturing venture in India by Azcco Global Group, with business networks spread across GCC, Africa, and Southeast Asian countries. These biscuits are distinguished by their utilization of cutting-edge technology and the flavors developed directly by internationally acclaimed food technologists.

Craze Biscuits currently offers a diverse range of 12 variants, including Choco Rocky, Bourbon, Caramel Fingers, Cardamom Fresh, Coffee Marie, Thin Arrowroot, Milk Crunch, Cashew Cookie, Butter Cookie, Fit Bite, and 22 SKUs. Additionally, Craze Biscuits provides unique regional flavors from Kerala, such as Wayanad Coffee, Munnar Cardamom, and Cloves, to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Craze Biscuits is embarking on an exciting phase of expansion. They will initiate their first phase of exports, beginning with Saudi Arabia and subsequently expanding to European countries. In addition to their international plans, Craze strategically intends to establish food and confectionery manufacturing facilities in significant biscuit production hubs across India, including Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, the latest Craze product lineup additions include Bourbon and Choco Rocky, enhancing their range of delicious offerings.

Mohanlal's brand ambassador commercials will be filmed in Palakkad this month.

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