Mondi endorses a common vision for a global treaty to end plastic pollution

The newly launched ’Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty’ brings together stakeholders along the plastic value chain to accelerate global action to end plastic pollution in the environment and oceans
Mondi endorses a common vision for a global treaty to end plastic pollution
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Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, endorsed a common vision for an effective and ambitious UN Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution alongside over 80 global businesses across the plastics value chain, financial institutions, and non-governmental organizations. The vision is the creation of a circular economy in which plastic never becomes waste or pollution, and the value of products and materials is retained in the economy.

The vision will form the basis for future policy engagements with governments through a newly launched Business Coalition for Global Plastics. The Coalition, convened by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and WWF, aims to develop ambitious policy recommendations, engage with treaty negotiators, and build confidence in the business community on the benefits and necessity of an effective global plastics treaty.

“Global challenges such as plastic pollution require global answers. Mondi is proud to join this international coalition because we understand that collaboration is vital to drive progress at scale. With our approach ‘Paper where possible, plastic when useful’, we advocate a holistic approach to sustainability, which is in line with the vision for a circular economy for plastics,” Thomas Ott, chief executive officer, Flexible Packaging, Mondi.

Mondi joined the call for a UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution alongside many leading businesses and financial institutions at the beginning of 2022. In April this year, the agreement on the adoption of a mandate for an International Negotiating Committee to develop a legally binding treaty marked an important milestone. This new Business Coalition aims to provide a clear voice in the treaty negotiations to amplify the call for an ambitious and effective treaty to end plastic pollution and will remain active until the multilateral negotiations on the treaty concluded in 2024.

Collaboration key for turning the tide on plastic pollution

Plastic pollution represents a growing issue, which resulted in this global call to jointly protect the future of our marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Mondi works with various customers and collaborates with multiple cross-industry organizations to drive progress and support the transition to a circular economy for plastics.

Mondi signed up for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Commitment in 2018, which works towards eliminating plastic pollution and creating 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging by 2025. 

Through its sustainability framework MAP2030, Mondi has committed to making 100% of its packaging and paper solutions reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025 (currently 78% based on revenue and applying Mondi’s Path to Circularity Scorecard criteria).

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