Namdhari’s to expand footprint in Hyderabad

To set up farming operations and production facility; Open new stores in City
Namdhari’s to expand footprint in Hyderabad

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Bangalore-based Namdhari’s Group is all set to expand its footprint in Hyderabad. Over the next 24 months, the company plans to set up farming operations and a production facility in the city and set up around five Simpli Namdhari’s experience stores in Hyderabad. Simpli Namdhari’s is the only 100% vegetarian retailer in India with a source to fork concept. The Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in Simpli Namdhari’s stores culminate Namdhari’s seed-to-plate ideology, where delectable and wholesome delicacies are crafted with farm-fresh produce and served with finesse. The company will also expand into dairy subscriptions and set up stand-alone QSR food outlets in the city.

Gurmukh Roopra, chief executive officer, Namdhari’s Group, said, “We plan to expand our footprint in Hyderabad and concentrate on this city in a serious way with an investment of around 50 crores over the next 24 months. In support of this, we will be setting up growing facilities in Hyderabad. We are considering stand-alone food stores – Simpli Food Stores, which will serve healthy and tasty short eats and snacks to patrons. We are also planning dairy subscriptions to directly supply high-quality, single-origin fresh A2 and organic milk and dairy products. We are very excited about our Hyderabad foray and has had a presence in the state in the form of our seeds division (Namdhari Seeds) and being one of the largest B2B suppliers for QSRs in Hyderabad we are not strangers to the Hyderabad market and are known to at least a section of that market. We aim to bring high-quality products to the general public through these initiatives.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Gurmukh Roopra, chief executive officer, Namdhari’s Group</p></div>

Gurmukh Roopra, chief executive officer, Namdhari’s Group

“We are a self-reliant corporate company; as in, we would like to set up our production units and warehousing in cities where we expand to, to ensure that we remain credible, that we are still able to maintain our depth of products, maintain excellence, traceability and ensure that our products are truly residue-free. Having our production facility, we can exercise complete control on the entire value chain, offering the best of consumable products, groceries, fruits and vegetables, delicious delicacies and snacks, all under one roof,” Roopra added.

Namdhari’s started as a seed producer and distributor business to offer superior quality, high-yield seeds that match international standards. Over the last three decades has grown to become a market leader in the sustainable farming, retail and food business. Today, Namdhari’s produce fruits, vegetables, and staples and makes them available to people via large format retail stores, which include kitchens that craft signature delicacies for patrons. With careful and visionary investments in talent, acquisitions and focused strategies, Namdhari’s is a significant player in quality seeds-international and domestic, fresh exports and a key player in servicing the entire spectrum of domestic customers from QSRs, HORECA, general trade, retail and exporters.

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