Nandus clocks INR 100 crore in ten months

For the financial year 2023-’24, the company targets revenue of INR 200 crore, to launch 20 new omnichannel outlets in the next financial year
Narendra Pasuparthy, chief farmer, chief executive officer, and founder, Nandus
Narendra Pasuparthy, chief farmer, chief executive officer, and founder, NandusPhoto - Nandus

Nandus, India’s largest hyperlocal and omnichannel meat retail brand, has crossed the revenue milestone of INR 100 crore for FY 2022-’23, with one more month for the year to close. The latest numbers consolidate Nandus market position as the most successful, organized D2C omnichannel brand in the country. Nandus has been operationally profitable, and this milestone proves that they are the most responsible and successful brand in this segment with a clear march towards 100% profitability.

As part of the Nanda Group, a 60-year-old poultry business that has revolutionized the industry in India, Nandus was launched in 2016 to bring their produce directly to the consumer with 100% traceability and transparency. Currently, the hyperlocal brand operates 50+ stores across Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

The plan is to launch 20 new omnichannel outlets in the next financial year. For FY 2023-’24, Nandus is looking at a revenue of INR 200 crore. In FY 2021-’22, the company reported a turnover of INR 67 crore, recording a 2X growth by the end of this fiscal while achieving operational profitability.

Commenting on the company’s remarkable performance in the current financial year, Narendra Pasuparthy, founder and chief executive officer, Nandus, said, “We have had an incredible start to 2023. Nandus is on an impressive growth path, and I’m immensely proud of the fact that we could do this on our merit, in our way – while being completely bootstrapped. As a team of 450+ passionate professionals, we put in our best effort while making a conscious decision to stay away from the toxic valuation game that is played out by most start-ups today. We focused on building a company that is structurally sound and strong on business fundamentals with a clear path to profitability.”

“Meat is a passionate and more considered purchase than other staples. As a meat brand, it is important to build trust. We are farmers who bring our products directly to you with 100% transparency, and our 60 years of expertise give us an upper hand when compared to the other players. The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a single step. And I am deeply grateful to all our employees, customers, partners, advisors, and well-wishers for their persistent support and worthy guidance. At Nandus, we are committed to building an enduring company that continues to positively impact the lives of millions of people and create opportunities for economic growth,” noted the entrepreneur, who returned from the US to join the family’s poultry business more than 15 years ago.

Since Nandus inception in 2016, the endeavor has been to make fresh, healthy, and high-quality meat and meat products accessible to Indian consumers. Given that nearly 73% of the country’s population consumes meat, there is a huge market to cater to. Also, the new normal has shifted the spotlight on health, safety, and hygiene; consumers today are making a conscious choice of buying from trusted brands that vouch for high standards of hygiene, health, and safety of their products and services. At Nandus, since they have complete control over the product and retail supply chain, they are in a much more trusted position in the market.

Operating on an omnichannel model, Nandus includes retail and home delivery services via the company’s e-commerce website, app, and call center orders, as well as e-commerce marketplaces and quick commerce apps. As a brand that has fully-integrated and farm-to-fork operations, Nandus USP is its hyperlocal meat purchasing experience, and its promise to customers of guaranteed safe and healthy meat that is easily available and rightly priced.

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