National Foods & Lucky Core Industries join hands for tomato seed research & development

National Foods & Lucky Core Industries join hands for tomato seed research & development
Photo - National Foods

National Foods and Lucky Core Industries have signed an MoU to collaborate on tomato seed development and research, which aims to localize the production of tomatoes in Pakistan, particularly to produce tomato paste, and reduce the country's dependence on imports.

"We believe that this partnership is a significant step towards creating a sustainable value chain for tomato paste production in Pakistan. By minimizing imports and developing local capacity, we aim to benefit the farmers and boost the country's economy," said Abrar Hasan, chief executive officer, National Foods.

Arshaduddin Ahmed, vice president, Lucky Core Industries' Chemicals & Agri Sciences business, added, "This collaboration is in line with the Government of Pakistan's vision of strengthening the Agricultural sector through import substitution and self-reliance. Moreover, this project focuses on technology transfer and developing high-performing quality hybrid seeds in Pakistan."

The tomato seed development and research project is expected to positively impact Pakistan's agriculture sector by reducing import bills and improving the quality of locally produced tomatoes. The collaboration between the two organizations is expected to enable the production of paste-quality tomatoes that meet global standards.

This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both organizations towards developing local capacity and their belief in the potential of Pakistan's agriculture sector. With this MoU, National Foods Limited and Lucky Core Industries have set an example of how strategic collaborations for localization can sustain industry operations while benefiting the economy and society.

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