Nova Dairy increases manufacturing capacity utilization of its existing plants across the country

Nova Dairy increases manufacturing capacity utilization of its existing plants across the country
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Nova Dairy, the country's largest dairy manufacturer, has announced its newest innovation initiatives, which seek to increase the capacity utilization of its existing plants in Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Nova is boosting its production capacity to meet the rising demand for milk and dairy products with added value by increasing its milk processing capacity while preserving product quality. In addition, the growing demand for dairy products that are nutritious and versatile as well as the changing lifestyles of urban consumers has motivated the dairy company to boost milk production.

Nova Dairy has production facilities in the north, west, and east of India. Currently, the factory in Kundli, Haryana, has a daily milk processing capacity of approximately four lakh liters of milk per day. Malanpur (Madhya Pradesh) and Kasganj (Uttar Pradesh) production facilities each have a capacity of ten Lakh liters of milk per day.

The existing Nova Dairy plants are staffed by trained professionals who oversee and operate the plants using cutting-edge technology. These plants are designed to produce a wide variety of dairy products with a guarantee of quality and hygienic conditions across the whole supply chain, from sourcing to delivery, using advanced technology.

Kuldeep Saluja, managing director, Sterling Agro, said, "India has turned into one of the world's major milk-producing countries. The strong demand for and growth potential of processed foods and value-added dairy products has further facilitated the development of innovative goods. Since the beginning, we have always aimed to satisfy customer expectations by delivering high-quality products via technical and operational innovation. We continue to be motivated by this goal, which is why we've made such strides recently in refining our manufacturing capacity. "

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