One year of digital print folders: hubergroup Print Solutions takes stock

One year of digital print folders: hubergroup Print Solutions takes stock
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About a year ago, ink manufacturer hubergroup Print Solutions launched the digital print folder for its offset portfolio, which is intended to enable customers to benefit from faster and more efficient production, among other things. Now the international ink specialist is taking stock: according to hubergroup, the reaction of customers to the digital solution was consistently positive, and they were impressed by the high color accuracy that is possible thanks to the integration in the company's color management system HDCC. In the meantime, the ink manufacturer has therefore, already connected four hubergroup sites in Europe and North America to the production of digital print folders and switched a large number of customers to the digital solution.

Heinz Aumüller, prepress and process standardization, hubergroup, recounts, "At the beginning, we expected that we would have to convince our customers to test the digital print folders – but the opposite has been the case: almost all the customers we have approached so far were immediately willing to test our digital print folder and switched to it after a short time. Some have even approached us proactively. The quality and color accuracy of the digital print folders, combined with the more efficient and flexible production process, are simply convincing."

The special feature of the hubergroup solution is the complete integration into the company's color management system HDCC. This means that the digital print folders go through the same quality control processes as analog print folders and are also verified against their analog reference. In addition, customers benefit from a faster and more efficient production process, which is particularly noticeable in the creation of multiple copies and multi-site productions.

One of hubergroup’s biggest customers in Northern Germany that have already switched to digital print folders is the printing company H.O.Persiehl, which specializes in printing high-quality packaging. Marco Erdmann and Soehnke Schildt, managers - Sheet Printing Department, H.O.Persiehl Norderstedt, explain, "The digital print folders did not only convince us with their very high color accuracy but also with their long durability without physical changes. Furthermore, the quick availability, even in larger quantities, and the fast response time is a great advantage for us in everyday life."

To meet the demand for digital print folders, hubergroup is setting up a global network of locations. Currently, the ink manufacturer produces digital print folders at four sites: Celle (Germany), Nottingham (UK), Arlington Heights (USA), and Mississauga (Canada).

Aumüller adds, "Our global network of production sites and their centralized access to our HDCC opens up completely new possibilities for flexibility and resource availability. Especially in global color projects, we benefit from location independence and digital print folder output at the destination. The next site integrations are already being planned so that our customers can benefit even more from our flexibility and efficiency."

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