Parag Milk Foods announces role changes empowering young professionals

Parag Milk Foods announces role changes empowering young professionals
Photo - Parag Milk Foods

Parag Milk Foods, one of India's leading private-sector dairy companies, is undergoing swift transformations in order to secure the most qualified personnel to open up more development opportunities and to bring out the latent potential of youthful individuals. It has taken a bold step to promote young talent in the organization and believes in creating a diligent and productive work environment. Parag Milk Foods is all set to build a young and vibrant team as they look to ramp up operations across all of India and build India's favorite brands.

Parag Milk Foods appoints Tushar Nerkar, a young professional, as the new marketing head of Parag Milk Foods. Tushar will be taking Parag to newer heights, leading the charge to strengthen Parag's position as one of India's favorite brands.

To explore the modern trade space further, Parag brought on board Lakshay, a fresh and passionate young professional, who will be responsible for driving the market share across Ghee & Cheese Category. His young and creative ideas are the perfect embodiment of the Parag culture, where innovation and out-of-the-box thinking is at the heart of the brand.

At the same time, looking at ways to capitalize on the advantages of a younger talent base, Parag Milk Foods also appointed Vivek Rathore as the business intelligence lead to building a next-generation AI cost-saving environment. With his intrinsic understanding of the technology and creative ways to use it to the company's advantage, Vivek is fully equipped to take on the challenges of the retail landscape.

Pournima Surve has long been a valuable asset for Parag Milk Foods, providing over ten years of expertise and knowledge to help the company grow. She has been promoted to the head of Corporate Communications and PR. With her crystal-clear vision and deeper understanding of the brand, she is working towards driving the organization's communication strategy.

Commenting on the positions, Akshali Shah, executive director, Parag Milk Foods, said, "At Parag Milk Foods, we are devoted to boosting and cultivating the potential of young talent so that we can establish the ideal environment for success and improvement. Our constant attention to younger people has led to invention and collaboration, and has eventually turned Parag into the beloved brand it is today. Inviting youthful minds can bring a new outlook and divergent ways of perceiving things. Each of the new members of the team brings invaluable skills, understanding, and experience to the organization, and we anticipate great accomplishments to come from their work. Parag Milk Foods is sure to be seen as a desirable workplace with a mission to achieve maximum success and foster growth. With the appointment of these highly talented and dynamic individuals, Parag Milk Foods is definitely on its way to a brighter future."

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