Parag Milk Foods unveils new 'Garv se Gowardhan Ghee' campaign

Parag Milk Foods unveils new 'Garv se Gowardhan Ghee' campaign
Photo - Parag Milk Foods

Parag Milk Foods, renowned for Gowardhan Ghee, is set to unveil their latest campaign this season. Aligned with the upcoming season of KBC that premiered on 14 August 2023, the campaign leverages the immense popularity of Gowardhan Ghee, crafted from cow’s milk and celebrated for its purity, rich flavor, golden hue, and granular texture. Introduced in 2022, "Garv se Gowardhan Ghee" is ready to transcend its pan-India appeal.

The latest iteration of "Garv se Gowardhan Ghee" propels the narrative of pride to greater depths, adding an additional layer of significance. Through this TVC campaign, the objective is to delve into the intricate connection between Gowardhan Ghee and the culinary artistry of everyday meals.

The campaign seeks to vividly portray how Gowardhan Ghee transforms ordinary dishes into extraordinary creations, infusing them with unparalleled richness and flavor. By showcasing the pivotal role that Gowardhan Ghee plays in enhancing taste and texture, the campaign aims to evoke a sense of pride not only in the brand but also in the process of cooking itself.

Akshali Shah, vice president and executive director of Parag Milk Foods, added, "Our aspiration was to take a significant stride forward in the Garv se Gowardhan Ghee campaign. The inaugural season effectively instilled a sense of pride. Now, our focus was to delve into the dimension of pride and delve deeper into the culinary process. We aimed to showcase the pride of cooking, the pride inherent in crafting daily meals. BelieveTrinity, our chosen agency, has executed this admirably. We are excited to witness the campaign inspiring individuals to take pride in their cooking and create unforgettable moments around food.”

Elaborating on this, Samarth Shrivastava, founder, BelieveTrinity has this to say, “Our intent in the current campaign is to showcase how Gowardhan Ghee is used by millions of homemakers across India to make everyday food super special & super tasty. Simple masalas and dals are taken to the next level with the magic of Gowardhan Ghee.”

Hanoz Mogrelia, head of Creative, BelieveTrinity, said, “Creatively, we wanted to show the magical effect that Gowardhan’s pure cow Ghee has on everyday ingredients like masalas and dals. Through the films, we showcase how Gowardhan Ghee interacts with food, unleashing its magic… Using extremely tight close-up shots and ASMR, we have tried to show the beauty of cooking, as it happens.”

The "Garv se Gowardhan" campaign is more than just an advertisement; it's a celebration of the love and pride that goes into every dish we prepare. Gowardhan Ghee understands the significance of food in our lives and how it brings families together.

The TVC campaign, boosted by in-show integration (as co-sponsors of KBC), radio, print, outdoor, and activations, further enhances Gowardhan Ghee's prominence in the market.

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