Pride of Cows leads the dairy industry with revolutionary internship and farm experience

Through this immersive program, interns gained invaluable hands-on experience.
Pride of Cows leads the dairy industry with revolutionary internship and farm experience
Photo- Pride of Cows

Pride of Cows, the renowned flagship brand of Parag Milk Foods and a leader in the premium dairy products market, recently hosted an extraordinary internship program that took inspiration from the captivating theme of "Cowvengers.” This groundbreaking initiative aimed to provide interns, lovingly referred to as Cowvengers, with an experience that would truly transform their understanding of the dairy industry.

An innovative approach to internship

The internship program, unlike any other in the dairy industry, was designed to unlock the potential of each intern, offering a transformative journey that extended beyond a mere one-day event. From the very beginning, Pride of Cows sought to create an enriching experience that would leave a lasting impact on the participants.

Interns for Pride of Cows hailed from Surat, Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. They were not only treated with personalized invitations but also given customized treatment with luxury stays and gala nights, which made them pleased about the entire excursion. The participants in the internship program felt a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose because of this innovative and interesting approach, which set the tone for the entire program.

Reflecting on the significance of the event, Akshali Shah, executive director, Parag Milk Foods, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The farm visit, the culmination of our transformative internship program, has provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our interns. It has allowed them to connect with nature, witness the hard work that goes into our farming practices, and gain a deeper understanding of our commitment to producing premium dairy products. This internship has laid the foundation for their future success, and we are proud to have contributed to their growth."

Grasping the intricacies of dairy farming

One of the program's highlights was the opportunity for interns to experience the life at farm. Throughout their stay, interns had the privilege of learning directly from Piper Edmund, the esteemed British farm manager, who has more than 45 years of global experience. His vast expertise and guidance served as a source of inspiration, enabling the interns to grasp the intricacies of dairy farming and witness the advanced technologies employed at Pride of Cows' state-of-the-art farms. The hands-on education sessions conducted by expert farmers empowered the interns with valuable knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly shape their future careers.

Photo- Pride of Cows

To further immortalize the incredible internship program, a captivating film was produced, featuring heartfelt testimonials and genuine reflections from the interns themselves. This film beautifully encapsulates the emotions and learnings garnered during the farm visit, offering viewers a glimpse into the extraordinary experience that unfolded over the course of the program. The film, set for release soon, will serve as a testament to the profound impact that Pride of Cows has had on the interns and the dairy industry as a whole.

“Pride of Cows,” the flagship brand of Parag Milk Foods was introduced with a proposition of Farm to Home concept targeted towards customers seeking premium quality dairy products. The company has also ventured into the B2C segment for whey protein with the brand Avvatar, which claims to be India’s 1st 100% vegetarian whey protein, the first of its kind manufactured in India

Parag Milk Foods, established in 1992, is the largest private dairy FMCG company with a pan-India presence. They have manufacturing facilities with in-house technology which are strategically located at Manchar in Maharashtra, Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh, and Sonipat in Haryana. The company sells 100% cow’s milk products that are healthy and nutritious. The integrated business model and strong R&D capabilities have helped them emerge as the leader in innovation. Its dairy farm, Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm Limited house more than 2,500 cows, with a mechanized milking process. Under the brand “Gowardhan”, it offers traditional products like ghee, dahi, and paneer, among others. Under the brand name “Go”, it offers products like cheese, UHT milk, buttermilk, lassi, yogurts, and more.

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