Recykal certifies Wellbeing Nutrition as a plastic neutral brand

Brand successfully offsets 5 metric tonnes of plastic waste for October 22- March 23
Recykal certifies Wellbeing Nutrition as a plastic neutral brand
Photo - Recykal

Wellbeing Nutrition has recently announced its dedication to achieving plastic neutrality as part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives. In partnership with Recykal, a clean-tech company focused on circularity and sustainability, Wellbeing Nutrition aims to continue growing as a sustainably-conscious brand. Using Recykal's Plastic Neutrality solution, the brand has successfully recovered and offset 5 metric tonnes of plastic waste from October 2022 to March 2023, effectively neutralizing its plastic footprint.

This significant accomplishment demonstrates Wellbeing Nutrition's commitment to sustainability and sets a positive example for responsible plastic waste management.

The impact that Wellbeing Nutrition has created under this initiative:

  1. Saved 47 m3 of water

  2. Reduced 5.93 MT emissions of CO2

Recykal follows a three-step process to certify a brand as plastic-neutral. Firstly, the brand's plastic footprint is calculated, taking into account both mandatory and voluntary compliance. Secondly, the calculated footprint is verified through Recykal's digital platform. Finally, Recykal provides impact-offsetting solutions to the brand and ensures that the calculated footprint is recovered. Once the brand receives Impact Recovery Tokens, it is certified as plastic-neutral.

While commenting upon achieving plastic neutrality for October 2022 - March 23, Avnish Chhabria, founder, of Wellbeing Nutrition said “We at Wellbeing Nutrition are thrilled to announce our partnership with Recykal as part of our commitment to developing a sustainable business. By offsetting our plastic footprint, we are taking a significant step towards creating a positive impact on the planet. We believe that our Plastic Neutral approach will not only contribute to giving back to the environment but also help us build an ecosystem of well-being. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

While praising the brand’s efforts for achieving environmental goals, Srikrishna Balachandran, director- Sustainability Solutions, Recykal, said "Congratulations to Wellbeing Nutrition on achieving the significant milestone of becoming plastic-neutral. This is an important step towards building a sustainably conscious brand and speaks volumes about your commitment to positively impacting the environment. Recykal is honored to be associated with Wellbeing Nutrition and in supporting the brand’s efforts wholeheartedly. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and contributing to a greener, and healthier planet".

Recykal envisions redirecting 5% of India's waste towards a circular economy, signifying its firm commitment to sustainable waste management. With successful forays into diverse sectors like plastics, e-waste, and paper, the company aims to replicate its achievements in areas such as tires and batteries. As part of its strategy, Recykal has also introduced Digital Deposit Refund Systems at the urban local body and state levels, bringing in behavioral change against littering. Given the growing emphasis on environmental regulations worldwide, recycling is poised to experience an exponential increase in both scale and significance over the next 25 years. Recykal, its consistent pursuit of set targets, envisions tech-embedded sustainability solutions as one of the most pivotal and well-established industries of the future.

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