Romaco expands its presence in India

Romaco India moves into new offices
Romaco India New Office
Romaco India New OfficePhoto - Romaco

Together with 100 invited guests, the 30-strong team from Romaco India celebrated the move into new offices in Thane in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The Sales and Service Center oversees both original equipment business and customer service in the Indian market on behalf of the international Romaco Group.

Romaco India, Romaco’s Indian branch, has moved into new offices in Thane in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The modern premises totaling 250 square meters create ample space for all of the Sales & Service Center’s 30 employees. Romaco India’s workforce has almost tripled since the official opening in 2019. In addition to eight sales staff, 17 service technicians take care of local customers’ needs. Over 350 Romaco machines and lines are currently in operation in the Indian pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, food, cosmetics and chemical industries

Romaco India New Office
Romaco India New OfficePhoto - Romaco

In order to respond quickly and flexibly to all support requests, Romaco India has its own spare parts warehouse. “Our dense service network is one of our key strengths,” stressed Sanjeev Nimkar, managing director Romaco India. “We offer our customers fast response and delivery times as well as excellent service quality, which is reliably assured by our highly qualified employees.”

Sanjeev Nimkar, managing director, Romaco India
Sanjeev Nimkar, managing director, Romaco IndiaPhot - Romaco

Official opening

Romaco India’s new offices were officially inaugurated at a ceremony attended by 100 invited guests, including the employees’ families. Jan Clement, Sales Director at Romaco Kilian in Cologne (Germany), was selected to cut the ribbon together with Sanjeev Nimkar and also took part in the traditional coconut breaking in honor of Indian deities. Various Hindu rituals, including a sacred fire to bless and spiritually cleanse the new premises, formed the highlight of the opening ceremony.

“Moving to new offices always means more than just a change of address. It represents a new beginning with a lot of opportunities and the chance to develop further,” Nimkar emphasized. “The new surroundings are conducive to creativity, and they motivate us to work together even more effectively to increase our overall productivity. From that perspective, the new premises hold enormous potential for Romaco India.”

The central location of the new offices in Thane, just a few minutes’ walk from the nearest subway station, is a further advantage for employees at the Romaco facility in the heart of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

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