Sid's Farm unveils its web shopping page for Ghee, now available pan India

Ghee available in five premium variants in all major cities of India
Sid's Farm unveils its web shopping page for Ghee, now available pan India
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Sid's Farm, the esteemed direct-to-consumer (D2C) dairy brand renowned for its superior quality products, has announced the nationwide availability of its exquisite ghee collection. As of 14 June 2023, ghee enthusiasts across India’s major cities can indulge in the exceptional flavors and nutritional benefits of Sid's Farm Ghee, conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

Ghee, a quintessential ingredient in Indian cuisine, holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts. With its delightful aroma and smooth texture, Sid's Farm Ghee promises to elevate every culinary creation to new heights. Made from pure cream of cow and buffalo milk, these golden elixirs are testaments to Sid's Farm's commitment to providing consumers with nothing but the finest dairy products.

Providing nutrition with taste

Sid's Farm Ghee stands out not only for its exceptional taste but also for its nutritional benefits. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, it offers a wholesome option for health-conscious individuals. Whether drizzled over piping hot rotis or used as a cooking medium, Sid's Farm Ghee adds a delectable touch to every dish while promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

"We are excited to introduce Sid's Farm Ghee, already a fond favorite among our customers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, to the rest of our customers across the country," shared Dr. Kishore Indukuri, founder, Sid's Farm. "Throughout the development process, our team has been devoted to perfecting this product to meet the highest standards of quality and taste. The new shopping page on our website makes ordering from almost anywhere in India simple. We understand the discerning expectations of our customers, and we are confident that Sid's Farm Ghee will emerge as an essential ingredient in every kitchen. With its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor, we aim to enhance culinary experiences and create lasting memories for our valued customers,” he added.

Catering to all palates

Sid's Farm Ghee offers a range of variants, each carefully crafted to cater to diverse preferences and palates. The product line-up includes:

  • Cow Ghee: A rich and aromatic option that adds a delightful touch to culinary creations. Price: Rs 500 (after discount) per 350 gms pack.

  • Buffalo Ghee: Known for its distinct flavor profile, this variant imparts a unique taste to traditional Indian dishes. Price: Rs 400 (after discount) per 350 gms pack.

  • Desi Cow Ghee: Sourced from indigenous cow breeds, this ghee embodies purity and authenticity, capturing the essence of traditional Indian dairy. Price: Rs 750 (after discount) per 350 gms pack.

  • Cow Ghee Travel Pack*: Sid's Farm Ghee in a convenient 500 gms pack, perfect for those seeking an elevated culinary experience. Price: Rs 650 (after discount) per pack.

  • Buffalo Ghee Travel Pack*: This variant, also available in a 500 gms pack, brings the richness of buffalo ghee to discerning consumers. Price: Rs 550 (after discount) per pack.

A hassle-free platform

To experience the exceptional flavors of Sid's Farm Ghee, customers can easily place their orders on the official Sid's Farm website. This user-friendly platform ensures a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience, allowing individuals to enjoy the richness of ghee from the comfort of their homes. To make this culinary delight easily accessible to consumers, Sid's Farm Ghee will also be available for purchase through their efficient D2C channel, enabling customers to enjoy doorstep delivery of their favorite dairy products. Expanding its reach, Sid's Farm has also planned for its Ghee to be available through designated e-Commerce and aggregator channels such as Zepto, Big Basket, and Milk Basket.

Quality on point

Sid's Farm adheres to a meticulous quality control system, meticulously eliminating the presence of harmful substances such as urea, sugar, glucose, starch, peroxide, baking soda, caustic soda, formalin, melamine, and three classes of antibiotics, among others, at the can level. By addressing the possibility of micro-level adulteration, the company guarantees the purity and safety of its products. Their state-of-the-art laboratory conducts more than 6,500 tests daily, assuring customers that only real, adulterant-free milk and dairy products make their way home.

The commitment to delivering unparalleled quality begins at the procurement stage, where Sid's Farm ensures that the highest standards are met. The company employs a four-level testing process, ensuring dairy products are free from preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, or any other adulterants. Each Sid’s Farm Ghee packet undergoes meticulous scrutiny at every stage, guaranteeing that it meets the strictest standards and surpasses customer expectations.

Sid’s Farm is a premium dairy brand based in Telangana. Established in 2016, the brand has been revolutionizing the concept of pure, healthy, adulterant-free milk and milk products. Their range of products includes skim milk, whole buffalo's milk, whole cow's milk, cow’s ghee, cow's butter, buffalo’s butter, buffalo’s ghee, cow’s curd, buffalo’s curd, probiotic curd, paneer, doodh peda, and lassi.

A vision of Dr. Kishore Indukuri, an IIT Kharagpur, and the University of Massachusetts Alumni, Sid’s Farm has developed itself to achieve consistent YoY growth for the past few years. Currently, the company serves about 20,000+ customers daily on a subscription basis.

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