SIG supports the expansion of so+ma Vantagens program and opens a new unit in Campo Largo, Paraná

SIG supports the expansion of so+ma Vantagens program and opens a new unit in Campo Largo, Paraná
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The program, which transforms waste into benefits for the population since 2019, has already had more than 54 thousand kilos received and more than 400 participants with the so+ma vantagens program in Paraná, in 2023.

SIG inaugurated a new so+ma Vantagens, in the city of Campo Largo, being the sixth in Paraná. The first was inaugurated in 2019, in the neighborhood of CIC in Curitiba. The other points are located in Vila Sandra, Mercado Municipal, Cotolengo, and Batel, also in the city of Curitiba. The locations operate as a place where people can practice the circular economy by taking their recyclable waste, which is weighed and transformed into points accumulated in the so+ma Vantagens program, and that can then be exchanged for different types of rewards. Among them, are professional improvement courses such as photography, crafts, business, cooking, and fashion, discounts in stores, and also for products from SIG customers.

"Bringing this new unit, now in Campo Largo, shows that we are on the path of expansion and partnership with the program and aligned with the objectives of the company's global sustainability strategy, increasing the rates of packaging recycling in Brazil and encouraging people's behavior. And I am happy that this new location is in our home since SIG's industrial plant is located in Campo Largo", comments Isabela de Marchi, SIG's sustainability manager in South America.

SIG's investment made it possible to build all the necessary infrastructure to incubate the cooperative, involve the community, and develop local partners, and the technology service that enables the transfer and governance of the process. In 2023 alone, 54 thousand kilograms were received and more than 400 participants in 6 hubs. It was possible to save an additional 157,000 kWh of energy, 3 million of water, 146,000 in CO² emission compensation, and 464 trees were no longer reforested.

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