Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre enters a new era with its hand over to Jingwa Center

Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre enters a new era with its hand over to Jingwa Center
Photo - Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre

Nine years ago, the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center, was established by Friesland Campina, Wageningen University & Research, and China Agricultural University to promote the quality and safety system of the whole dairy chain from Grass to Glass in China. This initiative was very much welcomed by the Chinese dairy industry at that time. Moreover, the Golden Triangle innovation model of the Dutch dairy industry was also a reference for the Chinese dairy management departments and scientific and technological workers.

Professor Li Sheng Li, director - SDDDC, China Agriculture University, says, “The Jingwa Science and Technology Innovation Centre is honored to be able to incorporate the legacy of the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center into our new state-of-the-art Campus and Expertise Center. We look forward to continuing to build and develop the Chinese dairy sector even further.”

The initiative is about completing each other in the continuous search for more sustainable and efficient production systems, “The SDDDC has achieved the status of a think tank, the journey we went through over the last nine years is a great example where cooperation in a sector shows how much can be achieved by joining forces”, said Kees de Koning, chairman - steering committee and advisory Board - SDDDC, Wageningen University & Research.

Jeroen Elfers, corporate director, Dairy Development and Milkstreams FrieslandCampina, adds, “We are proud and confident that the CIDDC will continue the valuable work of the SDDDC. As humankind, we face a huge challenge on how to feed the fast-growing world population whilst preserving our planet for the next generations. Collaborations like this are key to achieving these challenges. Therefore, Friesland Campina remains a partner.”

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