Star Opus and Grand Master join hands for the launch of UNOX Lounge in Goa featuring Speed X

Star Opus and Grand Master join hands for the launch of UNOX Lounge in Goa featuring Speed X
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Known for the world-class Speed X technology, which aims to usher in a brand new class of commercial grade ovens, UNOX India, in association with Star Opus and Grand Master, celebrated the grand opening of UNOX Lounge in Goa on the 1st of February 2023.

With this, the company has added another feather to its glorious cap and footprints in another region, South Western India, for the food service sector. Grand Master is a company formed by Ranjeev Sinha, co-founder, Celfrost, who has re-entered the hospitality space by promoting UNOX ovens in India. Star opus is a company promoted by three old colleagues and is majorly into kitchen fabrication which has factories in Mumbai and Kolkata. Currently, UNOX has branched out UNOX lounge in Goa, followed by Raipur and Kolkata as a part of their business expansion. Star Opus offers products that embrace Aesthetic looks and hygienic factors that have been kept in focus while designing the product for the Professional Kitchen industry in India.

The morning began with Vikram Goel, managing director, UNOX India, inaugurating the event in the presence of Matt Roberts, Director of Customer Experience, UNOX, and was graced by Suraj Bode, Star Opus and Ranjeev Sinha, Grandmaster.

Matt Roberts, director - Customer Experience, who had flown in from UNOX’s UAE headquarters for the launch, signaled the beginning of the ceremony by cutting the ribbon, joined by Vikram Goel, managing director, UNOX India.

UNOX implements familiar technologies from its existing cooking equipment range, such as Steam. Maxi and Adaptive. Cooking, but many of these are also optimized for the new Speed-X. For example, Multi. Time programming, the technology that allows users to cook different products at different times in the same oven, will allow up to ten dishes to be prepared at once. This groundbreaking innovation removes the need for compromise and enhances the efficiency and standard of cooking operations. It cooks food 60% faster than its predecessors, thanks to its two fans and because of the revolutionary HYPER. Speed technology, which combines steam, air, and microwave. Food can be heated, cooked, and browned in seconds. For instance, a sea bass fillet is completely cooked in 90 seconds, and a toasted chicken tikka kebab is ready in just 180 seconds.

The event was graced by eminent personalities from Culinary and Hospitality Experts and Veterans, Chef Consultants, Business domain, and notable dealers, which include The Sagtani Exim, International Equipment Company, Wang Professionals, Venus K Equipments, Unique Steel Products, SS Fortune, Techmate Industries and leading media houses.

Dealer partners from around India, and the world were present to hear UNOX's management team discuss the company's goals for international expansion before taking a tour of the lounge, watching the live demonstrations of the product followed by a lavish tasting session.

UNOX has also equipped Speed-X with cutting-edge technology, such as advanced Digital.ID operating system, which utilizes artificial intelligence along with Hyper. Connection and an intuitive interface that would allow users to control and navigate through the oven easily.

“The Speed-X is the first oven to combine the capabilities of a combi oven and those of a speed oven, with an additional self-cleaning capability,” according to Vikram Goel, managing director, UNOX India. He added, “This not only increases the oven's functionality beyond what was previously conceivable but also enables a remarkable rise in commercial kitchen efficiency.”

Commenting upon the launch, Ranjeev Sinha, Grandmaster, commented, “I always felt that bakery is one segment where the right focus was missing. Goa in particular has always been very crazy about its bread and desserts. To help bakers and especially the home bakers, I am happy to have opened today UNOX lounge at alto Porvorim Goa. This is a place where a baker can come bake things and then choose the right oven from the large range that UNOX has. This lounge will be open six days a week.”

UNOX India has experienced monumental growth over the year, with over 80% increase in staff and regional coverage spanning the entirety of India. Driven by product innovation and the company’s ability to offer ongoing support to customers and partners alike, UNOX India continues to grow and reach wider markets.

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