Sunpure launches ‘#Fantastic5WithSunpure’ campaign to reiterate the value of health and purity

Sunpure launches ‘#Fantastic5WithSunpure’ campaign to reiterate the value of health and purity
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South India’s largest edible oil brand, Sunpure, announces the launch of its latest marketing campaign - #Fantastic5WithSunpure, reinforcing the oil’s five health features and the brand’s core values of purity, well-being, quality, care, and honesty. The year-long, multilingual campaign will be amplified across offline and online channels, including social media and digital platforms.

As a continuation of Sunpure’s previous successful campaign, #Fantastic5WithSunpure builds upon the theme of promoting health and quality through the brand’s exceptional products. The captivating ad campaign aims to throw light on the impeccable qualities of Sunpure Sunflower Oil while showcasing the profound impact it can have on individuals and their families. 

The campaign is centred on an engaging storyline around a heart-warming interaction between a grandfather and a granddaughter, who aspires to become a doctor. However, this decision doesn't receive the support of her grandfather, who believes that someone who cooks so tastefully should be a homemaker. Later, the granddaughter speaks about how she made the food using Sunpure sunflower oil, not only because it enhances the taste but also because of the 5 added health benefits that the oil provides. She also conveys that she uses Sunpure because she cares about the health and well-being of her family members and also shares her dedication and desire to not just care for her family but for society as a whole. After hearing this, the grandfather is moved, and goes on to support and believe in her abilities to pursue her dream. This touching tale emphasises the significance of quality, health, ambition, and the positive impact Sunpure has on everyone's lives.

Speaking about the campaign, Gokaran Pawar Singh, national sales head - M K Agrotech, said, "Our mission with this campaign is to empower individuals and families to lead healthier and fulfilling lives. We are proud to showcase the outstanding features of Sunpure Sunflower Oil, a product that embodies quality, purity, and excellence. Through this campaign, we aim to inspire and educate consumers about the tremendous health benefits offered by our oil."

The campaign highlights the five remarkable features that sets Sunpure sunflower oil apart from the competition. Firstly, it is chemical-free and ensures purity and natural goodness in every drop. Secondly, the oil's high content of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) contributes to maintaining a healthy heart. Additionally, apart from being India’s only physically refined sunflower oil, Sunpure is rich in Vitamins A, D, and E, promoting overall well-being. Furthermore, the oil aids in digestion, ensuring a healthy gut, and provides the energy needed to stay active all day long.

To reach a wide audience, #Fantastic5WithSunpure campaign will be amplified through multiple platforms. Engaging TV commercials will be broadcasted in two languages, Kannada and Tulu, ensuring maximum reach and impact in Karnataka. Moreover, for social media platforms, the campaign will be extended to Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, enabling the brand to connect with diverse communities across India. The brand aims to leverage digital performance marketing to target the audience effectively, and outdoor media will serve as a powerful avenue for creating brand visibility. 

The current campaign is looking at further strengthening the deep connect the brand has developed with customers across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, and Maharashtra.

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