Symrise Diana Food focuses on soil biodiversity to boost fruit for baby food

Baby food farmers to start agronomy training session focused on soil biodiversity
Symrise Diana Food focuses on soil biodiversity to boost fruit for baby food

Photo - Symrise

Symrise Diana Food announces that it has organized and instituted a new training session, and it targets explicitly farmers in the French Alps who supply fruits for baby food. The program, which focuses on best practices for soil biodiversity, aims at improving the quality and yield of the key crops used in baby foods.

Many farmers follow traditional agronomy practices passed down from previous generations. Very often, they would benefit from more awareness of how a deeper understanding of the nature of their soil can improve output. With this training, Symrise Diana Food agronomists can show farmers the role soil plays in producing fruits and vegetables that capture all the inherent goodness of their terroir. Combining this new technical knowledge with the farmers’ traditional methods yields a very high quality.

According to Aurélie Pellé, Global Fruit Product Line director at Symrise Diana Food, “Consumers are looking for products for their babies that come as close as possible to homemade. They want baby foods with natural, clean, and simple ingredients processed most gently. For this reason, agronomy plays such an important role in the category. Growing the best, most nutritious fruits and vegetables allows minimal processing and an end product that stays true to itself.”

Symrise Diana Food focuses on soil biodiversity to boost fruit for baby food
Symrise reinforces its taste solutions for satisfying plant protein products

Symrise Diana Food offers a large range of baby food ingredients. They support the specific nutritional needs of children in the age groups of 6 months to 3 years, beginning with introducing solid foods into the diet. Fruit product streams include banana, apple, and strawberry, and vegetable streams include carrot, tomato, and spinach. Symrise Diana Food production sites carry the FSC 22000 certificate. This enables the company to provide ingredients that meet the health and safety standards. This category demands: minimum levels of contaminants, low microbiology levels, and low levels of chemical contaminants and foreign bodies.

Consumers increasingly look for organic ingredients in the baby food category, and therefore, we find more organic products in the market than in any other category. The Symrise Diana Food Baby Food portfolio meets this demand, with organic certification compliant with the European, American and Chinese markets.

Excellence in agronomy lies at the foundation of Symrise Diana Food’s value proposition. The company can draw on its historical know-how, expertise and global network of agronomic experts. This enables Symrise Diana Food to select the best varieties and the best growing conditions to maximize the species' potential. With proximity to farmers and producers, Symrise Diana Food agronomists fully involve in the cultivation cycle, guaranteeing traceability, transparency, and sustainability of agricultural practices. This expertise and experience from farm to fork makes Symrise Diana Food a trusted partner for developing wining solutions for baby food manufacturers.

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