Tata Soulfull and Reliance Retail collaborate to bring ‘Desh ke Millets’ to every household

Aim to take ‘Desh ke Millets’ like Ragi, Jowar & Bajra mainstream, making it available to households across India
Tata Soulfull and Reliance Retail collaborate to bring ‘Desh ke Millets’ to every household
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Tata Soulfull, one of India's fastest-growing millet-based packaged foods brands, announces its lead sponsor partnership with Reliance Retail for the upcoming Maha Millet Mela. Tata Soulfull is a brand from Tata Consumer Soulfull (a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products). As a leading brand in the millets space, Tata Soulfull is dedicated to bringing 'Desh ke Millets' like Ragi, Jowar & Bajra in modern formats to every Indian household through its wide range of products like Millet Muesli, Ragi Bites breakfast cereals, and Masala Oats+. Maha Millet Mela is a first-of-its-kind millet festival spread over July & August in leading Reliance Retail stores across the country, dedicated to promoting the goodness of millets and bringing them to many more households nationwide. This initiative aims to make millets mainstream and a part of every shopper's basket at Reliance stores across India.

Millets are ancient grains that have been in use in traditional Indian kitchens for a long time. India is one of the largest producers of millet. The U.N. General Assembly resolution declared 2023 as the 'International Year of Millets' to increase public awareness of the health benefits of millets and their sustainability credentials. Known to be gluten-free and nutrition-dense — as well as rich in iron, protein, dietary fiber, and calcium — these grains are making a comeback to modern Indian kitchens as consumers seek out nutritious food options. Compared with other grains, millets use significantly lesser water to grow; this benefits both the farmer and the planet.

The two-month-long Millet Mela will be an on-ground activity across more than 400 Reliance stores nationwide. Within each participating Reliance store, a dedicated area will be allocated exclusively for millet-based products, creating a unique shopping experience for visitors. This will include Tata Soulfull's product range -Millet Muesli, Ragi Bites No Maida Choco, Ragi Bites Fills, and Masala Oats+. This strategic partnership ensures that shoppers can experience Tata Soulfull's wholesome products, which bring millets back to the consumers' plate in a taste-first, health-forward manner.

Speaking on the launch of the Maha Millet Mela, Sunil D'Souza, managing director & chief executive officer of Tata Consumer Products, said, "Recognizing the numerous advantages millets offer to consumers, farmers, and the environment, it is important to spread public awareness and promote the sustainable growth and consumption of this remarkable grain. Tata Soulfull is dedicated to bringing 'Desh ke Millets' like Ragi, Jowar & Bajra in modern formats to every Indian household, and we are excited to partner with Reliance Retail, India's largest retailer for the Maha Millet Mela. Through this initiative, we aim to highlight millet's benefits while driving adoption and making them more accessible. We have an extensive range of products across snacking, breakfast cereals, and mini-meals under Tata Soulfull that are bound to delight consumers, and we look forward to taking them to many more consumers across Reliance stores."

Damodar Mall, chief executive officer, Grocery Retail at Reliance Retail, said, "Our grandma and aunts were the 'influencers' back in the day who told us about the goodness of millets and the cultural stories around them. Modern-day brands like Tata Soulfull & platforms like SmartBazaar & JioMart are stepping up to take these millets' messages ahead. Millets are both good nutrition and deep culture. Modern-day brand partnerships like this will amplify their role in consumer India."

To enhance the overall shopping experience, the Maha Millet Mela will feature enticing consumer offers to encourage trial and adoption of millets. Additionally, print advertising support will be extended in key cities to generate awareness and encourage participation in the festival.

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