Tetra Pak accelerates solutions to reduce food loss in production

Initiative to help increase efficiency, reduce food losses for food producers 14 percent of the world's food, valued at $400 billion is lost on an annual basis
Tetra Pak accelerates solutions to reduce food loss in production
Photo - Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is expanding its services to boost efficiency for food and beverage producers. The aim is to reduce loss in food production, from raw material to water usage and waste disposal. This comes as the company has been recognized by Kepner Tregoe with an award for Excellence. The recognition is for implementing problem-solving methods in food packaging manufacturing.

Part of the broader problem facing the food supply chain is loss. Across the globe, approximately 14% of the world's food, valued at $400 billion is lost on an annual basis between harvest, production, and the retail market. Food loss also means loss of water. The World Resources Institute cites that, inside the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year worldwide is approximately 45 trillion gallons of water.

Roberto Franchitti, executive vice president, services at Tetra Pak, says,“We all have a part to play. We are stepping up our efforts to help tackle loss in food manufacturing, for instance improving performance of machines, minimising failures that could result in production stopping and a consequent loss of food, focusing on refurbishing existing equipment, upgrading, and reselling used machines to ensure that nothing goes to waste. This ultimately contributes towards responsible production and circular economy.“

Tetra Pak’s suite of waste reduction solutions includes consumables, plant components and upgrades, such as water filtration solutions and consumables for wastewater reduction at various areas in a customer plant. Meanwhile its asset management solutions for equipment incorporates Customized Outcome-based Solutions, Maintenance Units and Remote Support. Ultimately, this increases the uptime of the equipment, reduces response time alongside repairs and reuse to prolong the equipment lifetime.

Sasha Ilyukhin, global vice president processing and services solutions at Tetra Pak says, “In the Americas, 8 food producers that use Tetra Pak Expert Services to optimize operational performance, all combined, reduced CO2 emissions by 7.62 kilotons, which is equivalent to 9% of their total plant emissions. This is encouraging to see, and we will continue to deploy these services in more markets.“

Matthieu Coupeau, senior consultant at Kepner Tregoe, says, “We are delighted to honor Tetra Pak for its outstanding performance. The issues resolution skills, which help to enhance performance and address challenges confronting food and packaging manufacturing are particularly impressive.”

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