Tetra Pak earns two top honors at Prime Summit Awards 2023

The innovative company received the award for Best Sustainable Packaging Solution for its plant-based polymer package
Tetra Pak earns two top honors at Prime Summit Awards 2023
Photo - Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak was proud and delighted to receive international industry recognition for its food processing and packaging solutions at the Prime Summit Awards 2023—an event that celebrates excellence and innovation in the packaging industry in the Middle East and Africa. Tetra Pak received two prestigious accolades during the summit: the CSR Initiative of the Year award and the Best Sustainable Packaging Solution, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Photo - Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak was honored with the CSR Initiative of the Year award for its groundbreaking collaboration with the HSA Group on the Yemen School Feeding Program. This ongoing initiative addresses the critical issue of childhood malnutrition in Yemen, where a significant number of children are experiencing irreversible stunted growth and acute malnutrition due to nine years of conflict, leading to widespread instability, displacement, and infrastructure destruction.

In this collaborative support initiative, HSA Group produces UHT milk in their local facilities, fortified with micronutrients and vitamins tailored to address local nutritional deficiencies. Tetra Pak supplies HSA with Tetra Brik Aseptic® 125 packaging, ensuring the product remains fresh for up to 12 months. This maximizes the distribution time window without the need for refrigeration, overcoming significant logistical challenges to contribute to the well-being of Yemen's children.

Niels Hougaard, managing director of Tetra Pak Arabia, stated, “We are honored to receive the CSR Initiative of the Year award for our collaboration with HSA on the Yemen School Feeding Program. This initiative reflects our commitment to leveraging technology for positive social impact and addressing critical challenges, such as childhood malnutrition, through our sustainable packaging solutions. Our goal is not only to continue the initiative's growth but also to actively inspire and encourage the involvement of additional donors and organizations in its expansion efforts.”

The award for Best Sustainable Packaging Solution was presented to Tetra Pak for its Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330 Square with DreamCap 26. This innovative packaging solution features plant-based polymers in packaging material and cap, showcasing Tetra Pak's dedication to sustainability. The plant-based polymers are responsibly sourced, adhering to the Bonsucro Production Standard, the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard, and Tetra Pak's Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers. Coupled with the sophisticated and practical DreamCap™ 26, the solution meets the highest quality standards and sets a new benchmark for sustainable and innovative packaging solutions in the industry.

Niels added, "Winning the Best Sustainable Packaging Solution award is a fitting acknowledgement of Tetra Pak's ongoing efforts to integrate responsible sourcing and sustainable practices into our packaging solutions. We believe in positively impacting the environment and supporting Sustainable Development Goals."

Industry insight

As well as receiving the awards, Tetra Pak was invited to share best practices during a panel discussing 'Exemplary Achievements in Practice: Collaborative Approach to Tackle Sustainability Challenges.' Alongside Bassem Sabra, chief executive officer of Al Rabie, Niels shared insights into the success story of their partnership. The panel provided a platform for both leaders to elaborate on the collaborative efforts that have contributed to the industry's advancement and the positive impact on sustainable packaging practices.

Sonya Kayani, Tetra Pak’s regional communications director Greater Middle East and Central Asia, also participated in a fireside chat with the theme ‘Empowering Women in Packaging: Closing the Gender Gap for Industry Growth and Innovation’. During the discussion, she referenced many of Tetra Pak’s initiatives in the region, as well as the broader challenges faced by Tetra Pak and the packaging industry.

Tetra Pak's triumphant performance at the Prime Summit Awards 2023 underscores its position as an industry leader in driving innovation, addressing social challenges, and advancing sustainable packaging solutions.

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