The Betel Leaf Co, FSSAI certified Paan brand launches in Delhi/NCR

The brand is on its way to revolutionize the way Paan is consumed in India
The Betel Leaf Co, FSSAI certified Paan brand launches in Delhi/NCR
Photo - The Betel Leaf Co

The Betel Leaf Co makes their way into the Delhi NCR market, changing and redefining how you eat “Paan,” tapping into all ages and dietary groups, looking to bring in the legacy of a historic tradition of eating a paan post meals on an omnichannel retail format. The first FSSAI Certified OnlineD2C paan company in India, they ensure the products are 100% Tobacco Free, suitable for All Ages and delivered right to your doorstep.

After extensive market research the founders came to see though paan was loved by many it did not enjoy its share of respect, there was a lack of standard quality, sold in unsanitary environments without the proper packaging and not easily available. With the world in the throes of a hard hitting pandemic, Betel leaf was created for easy accessibility to this favorite Indian post meal delicacy, looking to revolutionize it into the concept of a dessert.

Acquiring substantial funding at its inception. The Betel Leaf co is creating a niche product in the industry which may as well lead to it being one of the few unicorn start-ups. Available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mysore, Vizag, Ahmedabad and now in Delhi and Gurgaon, they look to introduce their products pan India with the aim to be forerunners for the revolutionized paan scenario.

Prem Raheja, co-founder of The Betel Leaf. Co., said during the launch at Gurgaon, “We are very excited to open in North India, after the overwhelming response we received from South, our first outlet being in Bengaluru. Our idea is reviving India’s Age-old tradition which lost its respect due to westernization to be brought back into everyone’s table to fulfill their post meal craving making paan, the Healthy Indian Dessert. We hope to show our consumers how versatile a paan can be by bringing on table a variety and redefining traditional Indian dessert paan into a new avatar. We prepare our present paans differently, with our specific recipes and high standards of quality ensuring there is no compromise in taste each time.”

Maintaining the authentic taste of paan, Betel leaf has combined technology and tradition with tried and tested recipes to ensure it tastes the same each time. With a vast array of products to choose from, Betel Leaf is looking to make paan a fun way to end your meal, be it for kids, the health conscious or a cure for hangovers they have something for everyone, flavored paans in forty-five flavors makes you spoiled for choice.

Their specialty paans take the experience to another level, Magai Meetha- the authentic Magai Betel Leaf experience for the veteran paan lover, Tiramisu Paan- with Tiramisu flavoring for the exotic adventure seekers, Dry fruit paan-with mixed dry fruits for the health fanatic and Chocolate covered paans-dipped in chocolate for the teenagers are some of the most appreciated and popular variants.

Within three years Betel leaf has already managed to add a few feathers to their cap, they won the Best Paan Award – Nationwide Hospitality Awards 2021 By Business Mint as well as the Innovative Startup, 104 on Super Startup Wednesday. Keeping these factors in mind, Betel Leaf went ahead and upped the ante and created a one-of-a-kind high quality, healthy and unique paan experience. Betel Leaf aims to delve deeper and look at creating many more paan infused products, teas, ice-creams, healthy paan masalas are a few ideas in the pipeline.

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