Tiger Corporation launches vacuum-insulated soda bottle for aerated, cold & hot drinks

Meet MKA-B: The new standard in refreshment. A Vacuum-insulated soda bottle with temperature retention keeps drinks hot/cold, anytime, anywhere
Meet MKA-B: The new standard in refreshment. A Vacuum-insulated soda bottle with temperature retention keeps drinks hot/cold, anytime, anywherePhoto - Tiger Corporation

Tiger India, the Indian subsidiary of Tiger Corporation, a Japanese pioneer in vacuum insulation technology that celebrated its 100th anniversary in February 2023, has announced the launch of Tiger Corporation’s 100th anniversary model, the Vacuum Insulated Soda Bottle MKB-T036/T048/T060" at major retailers, mass merchandisers and EC platforms nationwide in December 2023. In addition, the company will add a new color (Eaglet white) to the MTA-B080/B100/B150 vacuum-insulated bottles, which have been on sale since July of this year.

The multi-purpose "Vacuum Insulated Soda Bottle MKB-T036/T048/T060” can be used for aerated and cold beverages as well as hot drinks, making it ideal for year-round use. Dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. Tiger's proprietary "BubbleLogic" and "Super Clean Plus" technologies keep aerated beverages cold and safe to carry. The slanted handle fits comfortably in the hand, and the slim mug type is lightweight and fits easily in a bag, so it can be carried easily to the office, school, or on short trips. The first vacuum insulated soda bottle for the Tiger MTA-T type, which has already been on sale and has been well received, is available mainly large capacity for sports games and outdoor scenes (0.5L/0.8L/1.2L/1.5L) while the MKB-T model is available in three easy-to-use sizes (0.36L/0.48L/0.6L) for daily use.

In response to customer requests for a large-capacity bottle with a handle for active use, the MTA-B model has been available in three sizes (0.8L/1.0L/1.5L) since July this year. The Push-button lid bottle with handle can be easily opened with one hand and is convenient for carrying. The removable anti-bacterial bottom boot, which protects the bottom of the bottle from scratches and shocks, has been well received for its comfortable use in daily life as well as in active situations. In addition to the existing Matte stainless <XM> and Stone black <KK>, a new color, Eaglet white <WK>, has been available to the lineup. The three stylish colors, which evoke a sense of hardness and beautiful texture, make the new product lineup more appealing to a wider range of customers.

Throughout its 100-year history, Tiger Corporation has evolved its functionality and design based on manufacturing that takes health, human rights, and the environment into consideration. The company will continue to offer a sustainable, safe and secure lifestyle to the people of India through the sale of reliable and creative Tiger products.

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