Trishla Industries partners with Bühler to lead the corn milling industry through advanced training

Trishla Industries partners with Bühler to lead the corn milling industry through advanced training
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Trishla Industries, one of the pioneers, in the corn processing sector, reaffirms its dedication to industry leadership through a strategic partnership with Bühler, the world leader in corn milling. Recently, Mr Ankit Porwal, a key member of the Trishla team participated in an intensive corn milling course at the renowned Milling Academy in Uzwil, Switzerland, spearheaded by Bühler. This collaboration underscores Trishla's proactive approach to excellence, innovation, and understanding both its product and consumers.

A comprehensive learning experience

The Milling Academy, led by Bühler, offers participants a comprehensive journey into the nuances of efficient corn milling. From mastering basic milling processes to understanding machine design and plant operation, every facet is meticulously covered. Practical experience is at the core of this training, as participants engage directly with key machines in the training center hall, honing techniques such as cleaning, conditioning, and milling. Moreover, exposure to the latest milling technologies in operation ensures participants remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

Embracing science and analysis

With Bühler's guidance, Trishla Industries delves into the science behind different grains, gaining insights into lab analysis and cereal science. This deeper understanding empowers Trishla's team to optimize processes, elevate product quality, and cater to evolving consumer preferences with precision and expertise.

Driving innovation and industry leadership

By partnering with Bühler and investing in advanced training programs, Trishla Industries is not merely keeping pace with industry standards but setting new benchmarks in corn milling. Armed with enhanced expertise and practical skills, Trishla is poised to revolutionize corn processing, offering unparalleled products and setting the bar for quality and efficiency in the industry.

Meeting consumer needs with precision

In a rapidly evolving market landscape, understanding consumer needs is paramount. Trishla Industries' proactive partnership with Bühler ensures it remains aligned with market trends and consumer preferences. By staying abreast of the latest techniques and technologies, Trishla can adapt swiftly, delivering products that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations.


Trishla Industries' collaboration with Bühler exemplifies its commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry leadership. By leveraging the expertise of the world leader in corn milling and investing in advanced training programs, Trishla is poised to drive positive change, set new standards for quality and efficiency, and deliver superior products to its consumers. As the industry evolves, Trishla Industries stands ready to lead, fueled by knowledge, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to excellence.

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