UFlex Chemicals acquires an Indian patent for solvent-free pigmented adhesive and a process for its preparation

Patent for an environment-friendly, Cost-effective, and versatile solvent-free white adhesive
UFlex Chemicals acquires an Indian patent for solvent-free pigmented adhesive and a process for its preparation
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As one of the global leaders in inks, coatings, and adhesives for packaging and labeling applications, UFlex treads on the path of continuous development and delivery of pioneering products for the packaging industry. The Chemicals Business of UFlex has recently acquired a patent for Solvent-free pigmented adhesive and a process for its preparation (Patent No 406417). With this patent, the Chemicals business of UFlex has once again demonstrated its commitment to Harvesting Innovation. 

This patent has been awarded to UFlex by the Government of India by the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970 for 20 years. UFlex proudly adds this patent to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to its growing list of leading-edge products. 

Solvent Free Pigmented Adhesive
Solvent Free Pigmented Adhesive

The present disclosure relates to a two-component adhesive composition and the process for its preparation. The adhesive composition of the present disclosure is solvent-free and works well on existing solvent-less lamination machines. It helps reduce the use of white ink, thus significantly reducing costs. The process of preparation of the adhesive composition is simple, efficient, solvent-free, and environment-friendly. 

The high content of volatile organic solvents in solvent-based conventional adhesives is detrimental to the environment and energy-intensive, thereby increasing overall costs. With the development of this solvent-free white adhesive, the customer gets the freedom to be green and cost-effective simultaneously.

Advantages of the patented solvent-free pigmented white adhesive

The adhesive will help achieve higher machine speeds ranging from 300-350 meters per minute, leading to higher productivity with excellent machinability on existing solvent-less lamination machines. This development will cut down the requirement of white ink coating on printed substrates, thereby presenting substantial cost savings. Solvent-free pigmented white adhesive offers excellent wettability, offer enhances wettability on metalized substrates, and improves the look of the packaging. Solvent-free pigmented white adhesive development consumes less power and significantly reduces application costs. The fast decay of primary aromatic amines makes it highly environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

On acquiring the adhesive patent, Rajesh Bhasin, joint president, UFlex Chemicals stated, “Continuously developing cost-effective and value-added solutions for the packaging industry is integral to our business. Our research team has been continuously working diligently to outperform our set benchmarks. This patent is another feather in the cap of UFlex Chemicals, and once again demonstrates our capability to align with client needs while promoting sustainability. I am thrilled that a cost-effective and versatile solvent-free white adhesive is now a reality we will be able to deliver.”

Brands can be highlighted with distinctive visibility as it considerably improves flexible film performance allowing for higher visual appeal in applications. The product is already being marketed globally and garners good customer demand.

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