Valamjibhai Humbal appointed as Board Member of the newly formed National Cooperative Organics

Valamjibhai Humbal appointed as Board Member of the newly formed National Cooperative Organics
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The first Annual General Board meeting of National Cooperative Organics was conducted at NDDB Campus, Anand. GCMMF (AMUL) has sent a nomination of Valamjibhai Humbal, supported by Meenesh Shah, chairman of the National Dairy Development Board, and Bijendra Singh, chairman of the National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation. Valamajibhai Humbal was appointed unanimously as a board member of the newly formed national-level multi-state cooperative. Valamajibhai Humbal is a founder chairman of the Kutch District Milk Producers Union and vice chairman of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation.

Earlier, in January 2023, the Union Cabinet, chaired by the hon’ble prime minister Narendra Modi, approved a historic decision to set up and promote a national-level cooperative society for organic products under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies (MSCS) Act, 2002.

The new national-level multi-state cooperative is set up to provide thrust to organic products from the cooperative sector by acting as an umbrella organization for managing various activities related to the Organic Sector.

Valamjibhai Humbal informed that any cooperative institution from Primary to National level cooperative societies, including PACS, District, State, and National level federations, multi-state cooperative societies, and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), can become members of NCOL.

The National Cooperative Organics will manage various activities related to the organic sector by providing certified and authentic organic products. It will help unlock the demand and consumption potential of organic products in domestic and global markets. This society will also help cooperatives and, ultimately, their farmer members benefit from the high price of organic products through aggregation, branding, and marketing on a large scale by facilitating testing and certification at affordable cost. On the other hand, the customer will get chemical and pesticide-free Organic produce at a value-for-money price.

The appointment of Valamjibhai Humbal as a Board member at such a National Level Institute is a matter of pride for farmers of Gujarat and Kutch in particular.

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