Valmet to supply a new container board-making line to DS Smith in Italy

Valmet Industrial Internet offering (VII) covers an extensive range of solutions and applications for board and paper mills.
Valmet Industrial Internet offering (VII) covers an extensive range of solutions and applications for board and paper mills.Photo - Valmet

Valmet will supply a new containerboard machine with extensive packages of automation, services, and industrial internet applications to DS Smith Paper Italia S.r.l at their Porcari (Lucca) site in Italy. The start-up of the machine is scheduled for the middle of 2025.

The order was included in Valmet's orders received for the fourth quarter of 2022. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

"We are pleased to be working with Valmet to install a new machine at our Porcari plant. Not only will the machine help us meet the demand for sustainable packaging innovation in Italy, but it will also help us to increase the plant's environmental performance by reducing CO2 emissions and specific water use per ton of paper produced," says Niels Flierman, head - Paper & Recycling, DS Smith.

"Driven by increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions, the containerboard market is growing fast. As a market leader in innovative board-making technologies, Valmet has developed several sustainable solutions to meet market needs. Our unique offering together with the production potential of the containerboard machine, were the decisive factors for DS Smith," says Kari Räisänen, sales director, Board and Paper Mills, Paper business line, Valmet.

Technical information about the delivery

Valmet's delivery will include a recycled liner board making line from broke collection to a reel and winder as well as board machine process ventilation systems. The wide automation package includes, a Valmet DNA automation system for process and machine controls, tunability and condition monitoring, and a Valmet IQ quality management system.

A comprehensive Valmet Industrial Internet package, including Valmet Performance Center services, advanced monitoring, predictive applications, and training simulators will be delivered, too. The delivery will also include Valmet Paper Machine Clothing, spare parts, and consumables packages.

The 8,600 mm wide (wire) BM 3 will produce recycled liner grades with a basis weight range of 70–135 g/m2 at a production speed of 1,500 m/min and a mechanical design speed of 1,700m/min. The annual capacity is approximately 450,000 tonnes.

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