Westfalia Fruit unveils dynamic new website to celebrate 75 years of pioneering excellence

Westfalia Fruit unveils dynamic new website to celebrate 75 years of pioneering excellence
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Westfalia Fruit, a leading multinational supplier of avocados and a range of fresh vegetables and fruit, has launched a brand-new website to showcase its heritage, dedication to quality, and commitment to sustainability. The launch occurs as Westfalia Fruit celebrates its 75th anniversary. Founded in May 1949, the company has forged a reputation as a trusted supplier of avocados, fresh fruits, and other plant-based products to a range of customer groups around the world, including those operating in retail, foodservice, and wholesale sectors.

New website, new chapter

The new website, which can be accessed here, offers a seamless, intuitive user experience, granting easy access to comprehensive details on Westfalia Fruit's sustainable practices and diverse product offerings. Designed with the user in mind, the homepage facilitates smooth navigation to essential sections including the company’s history, products, sustainability efforts, latest news, services, and varied recipes.

The website showcases Westfalia Fruit's vast global reach across five continents and 17 countries, highlighting the company’s dedication to quality and reliability. This demonstrates its commitment as a dependable supply chain partner, catering to both consumers and businesses. This layout also allows visitors to thoroughly understand Westfalia Fruit’s journey from pit to plate and provides practical advice on incorporating these healthy products into their diets and lifestyles.

Sharing a sustainable story

Westfalia Fruit’s latest website offers a user-friendly and informative experience, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability and community development. The sustainability page, a standout feature, provides a dynamic, scrollable overview of the organization’s efforts to reach net-zero by 2049. With vivid imagery and key facts, it educates and inspires users about the benefits of sustainable practices. Find out more about our sustainability story here.

The new site also highlights how Westfalia Fruit’s sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly products positively impact community well-being. Users can explore innovative practices such as transforming leftover fruit into valuable products and implementing green cleaning technologies, illustrating practical sustainability applications. Additionally, the website details the company’s involvement in community development, from educational programmes like the Graduate Development and Internship Programme to essential services such as healthcare. This section offers insights into how the company supports education and job creation, providing users with opportunities to engage with or support these efforts.

Overall, the website is a valuable resource for users to learn about and participate in Westfalia Fruit’s sustainable and community-focused initiatives, enhancing their own contributions to environmental and social improvement. Rian du Toit, acting chief executive officer at Westfalia Fruit, commented, “As we mark 75 years in business, it is a fitting day to also signal the start of a new chapter for Westfalia Fruit by launching our new website. This cutting-edge platform gives customers, employees, and other visitors to our site a vastly superior experience, which better tells our story.”

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