Yu Foods celebrates 'No Compromise' as it completes its one year anniversary

Consumer foods brand launches a social-media campaign #ChanceHiNahi to grow health awareness among Gen-Z and Millennials
Yu Foods celebrates 'No Compromise' as it completes its one year anniversary
Photo - Yu Foods

To mark a year of providing wholesome, preservative-free, and instant meal options to its ever-growing patrons, Yu launches its ‘No Compromise’ campaign. Yu Foods urges consumers to take a step back and evaluate the choices they make every day, whether personal or professional, while advocating the need to not compromise on their health - ‘Compromise ka #ChanceHiNahi’.  

Packaged Foods have long been associated with toxic food ingredients - Sodium Benzoate, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Sodium Nitrates, and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Moreover, these foods are high in Sugar, Sodium, and Artificial Food Sucolorses - colors, additives, and preservatives. 

Yu makes instant packaged foods using only ingredients that are 100% natural, recognizable, and locally sourced. These meals contain no artificial ingredients or food substitutes, have zero preservatives and use no artificial flavor enhancers, which separates the brand from its competitors. Thus, every food bowl comes with the guarantee of 100%, taste, aroma and texture, and a shelf life of 12 months (at room temperature). Besides, they are easy to prepare, requiring just hot water and less than four minutes of preparation time. 

The campaign asks some questions like:

  • If you don’t compromise in life, why compromise on yourself?

  • If you don’t compromise on your family’s health, why compromise on yours?

Yu professes the thought, that just as your mother will never compromise on her cooking for you, and you never compromise on your child’s education, why would you choose to compromise on your food choices. 

Over the past year, Yu has launched 15 SKUs across unique product categories to offer all-day meal options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Each bowl is as good and tasty as a freshly prepared home-cooked meal. It’s all that today’s health-conscious but short-on-time customers ask for. 

On the occasion of launching the campaign, Bharat Bhalla, founder, Yu, said, “This campaign is an extension of Yu’s brand personality that rests on the pillars of Health Quality, Taste, Time, and Convenience. Increased health awareness among consumers has sought a return to Real Food and Transparency through authenticity. Yu Foods is constantly innovating to make instant packaged foods as close as possible to freshly prepared food. Small batch meals curated by Yu are Chef Crafted and Handmade with 100% Natural Ingredients, ZERO Preservatives, and MSG Free." 

Reflecting proudly on the brand completing a year Varun Kapur, founder, Yu, said, “It’s immensely satisfying to see Yu win the confidence of so many customers over the past year. We were convinced that there was an untapped market for 100% natural food that includes no additives or preservatives at all, because while we all want to make the most of our career opportunities, the one thing we can’t compromise on, is our health. This is what led us to create the ‘No Compromise’ campaign, and we’re confident it will strike a chord with consumers.” 

Yu Foods has a 24,000-square-foot facility in Gurgaon with a current capacity to prepare and process more than 300,000 meal bowls per month. The facility can be scaled up to increase the capacity to 750,000 meal bowls every month. Pre-preparation of food, cooking, processing, packaging, and storage are all done in-house at the facility. There is also an R&D facility for developing new products, which is led by a team of experienced chefs. 

In the space of a year, the ISO, FSSAI, and US FDA-certified company is available in 3,000+ stores across India, including around 750 in Delhi-NCR and 150 in Mumbai, and has expanded into Punjab, UP, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, J&K, and the Northeast. Globally, Yu also has a growing presence in South Africa and the US (Walmart and Amazon) and is currently expanding into Mauritius, Singapore, and Australia. 

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