Annapoorna Inter Food - 5 to 7 June 2024 - India International Convention & Expo Center, Dwarka, New Delhi

Annapoorna Inter Food - 5 to 7 June 2024 - India International Convention & Expo Center, Dwarka, New Delhi

Annapoorna is back to re-define the path of Indian food & beverage trade space as "Annapoorna Inter Food” - international food & beverage trade expo. The food and beverage trade capital of India, Delhi will host Annapoorna Inter Food - with more vigour and more focus to steam-up the food and beverage trade by defining new collaborations with an objective to drive inclusive growth of the sector.

Exhibiting at Annapoorna Inter Food offers several compelling reasons for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Firstly, it provides a unique opportunity to engage with a potential extended sales team for your products, facilitating connections with institutional buyers and expanding your market reach. Additionally, the event serves as a platform to establish your products on the shelves of the rapidly growing modern food retail space in India. This extensive footprint across the length and breadth of the country ensures heightened visibility for your offerings.

Moreover, participating in Annapoorna Inter Food allows you to enhance your brand's perception among influential figures in the Indian food and beverage trade. Interacting with key stakeholders and industry leaders can significantly contribute to the positive image and reputation of your brand.

The key features of Annapoorna Inter Food further underscore its significance in the industry. The event attracts leading food importers from all corners of the country, providing an excellent networking opportunity and opening doors to new markets. Live sessions conducted by celebrity chefs add an engaging and informative element to the experience, offering insights into culinary trends and innovations. The conference focusing on Indian food retail is a valuable resource for staying informed about market trends, while the accompanying award ceremony recognizes and celebrates excellence within the food and beverage sector.

Participating in Annapoorna Inter Food is not just an exhibition; it is a strategic move to unlock opportunities, foster connections, and stay at the forefront of the dynamic F&B landscape in India!

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