Arla Foods Ingredients to target rehydration and restoration at FiSA 2023

Arla Foods Ingredients to target rehydration and restoration at FiSA 2023
Photo - Arla Foods Ingredients

Arla Foods Ingredients will focus on rehydration and restoration – two of the biggest goals for South American sports nutrition consumers – at Fi South America 2023.

Research shows that hydration is the most important goal for Brazilian performance nutrition consumers, followed by added protein. Nearly six in ten (58%) are heavily focused on rehydration and restoration, with the same percentage looking for added protein in exercise-related products, and 19% favoring products with electrolytes.

At the forthcoming FiSA show (8 to 10 August in São Paulo), Arla Foods Ingredients will demonstrate how sports nutrition brands can meet both these needs without compromising on taste.

The company’s ‘Rehydrate and Restore’ concept is a clear, refreshing ready-to-drink beverage. It features Lacprodan SP-9213, a whey protein isolate that retains its functionality when combined with electrolytes. Packing 25g of whey protein into a convenient 500ml bottle, the concept is low in sugar and lactose and, with a light refreshing taste, it is optimized for a range of different flavors.

Vinicius Morais, head of sales – South America at Arla Foods Ingredients, said, “As in other regions, sporty consumers in South American markets are highly focused on two key goals – hydration, and restoration through protein. With our ‘Rehydrate and Restore’ concept, we’re demonstrating how manufacturers can meet both needs by combining whey protein and electrolytes. It’s a combination that it’s increasingly in demand, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to showcase it at FiSA."

Arla Foods Ingredients will exhibit at Stand B30. It will showcase ‘Rehydrate and Restore’ alongside other innovations, including:

  • An instant pudding mix for active and performance nutrition consumers. Low in fat and offering 20g of protein per portion, it features Lacprodan MicelPure, Arla Foods Ingredients’ micellar casein isolate.

  • The “cream cheese toolbox”, demonstrates how the company’s Nutrilac line of functional milk proteins can help manufacturers develop new products and enter sectors such as food service.

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