Cibus Tec 2023: Day two spotlights the future of food safety and packaging

Cibus Tec 2023: Day two spotlights the future of food safety and packaging

The sector of the food technology Industry is facing ever-increasing challenges to ensure that food is safe and contamination-free while respecting the highest quality standards. In response to these challenges, Cibus Tec the international trade fair event of Koeln Parma Exhibitions related to technologies for the food and beverage sector, in progress in Parma until 27 October, dedicated its second day to the theme of Food Safety, offering participants the opportunity to discover latest technologies, best practices and innovations that will improve food safety and quality.

Among other things, the second day has been characterized by meetings that were held in LabWorld Arena, set up in Pavillon 5 - Area F 07 2.

LabWorld Arena, created thanks to the partnership with the media Labworld, is a novelty of the Cibus Tec 2023 edition and consists of a special and permanent area dedicated to conferences and laboratory equipment and quality control. This project is part of the objectives of the fair to become a complete and global platform for all the food industry sectors and to be a reference point for debates and events dedicated to research and innovation in the sector.

In the busy program of conferences and initiatives, the challenge is to talk about analyses, instruments and services for the laboratory to a selected audience made up of researchers, chemists, specialized laboratory technicians, purchasing, R&D, production and quality control managers who belong to the academia, private industry and public bodies.

In room 1 of Pad 7, also in the food safety area, listeria and new emerging microbiological problems were discussed. Capable of contaminating food at any level of production and consumption chain, listeria is a persistent pathogenic bacterium that continues to represent a significant threat to the food industry and public health. The conference was attended by experts from various sectors who spoke about the problem from the analytical, medical, legal and food, with insights related to industrial sanitization.

Food safety has also been discussed in the field of sustainable packaging, a strong/important topic for the industry that must adapt to new regulations and in respect of a consumer increasingly careful to choose green & healthy products. The theme of the transition towards a use of packaging with less impact on the environment but able to ensure high safety profiles and product quality was in fact the central focus of the meeting: “ToolSy, Tools for sustainable food chains - Transition of packaging and food safety: technologies, new materials, consumer communication," organized by OM in collaboration with in_formare, which held in the afternoon in Pavillon 7 room 2.

Professors of the University of Parma, industry experts and researchers met here to take stock of the state-of-the-art packaging consisting of new sustainable materials that can be supported in the substitution of plastics and highlighted how important are the aspects related to the analytical chemical controls of these new materials for product safety and ensure the total absence of molecules dangerous to our health.

The day also saw the special Cibus Tec Talent Academy area come alive, strongly inspired by the themes of job training and conceived together with Cisita Parma. "Training and new talents: the advantages of the ITS Academies for the future of companies," is the title of second day's meeting held in Pavilion 3, which saw various testimonial companies taking turns at the microphones, which today collaborate on multiple levels with the ITS Academy of Parma: the meeting focused on the professional training and recruiting opportunities offered by these bodies, which on the one hand allow companies to build ad hoc paths for their needs and, on the other, young people to participate in professional courses, able to train them specifically in sectors such as logistics, food and mechanics.

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