Dotsmark offers marking & coding printing solutions for every industry

From CIJ printers to TIJ and TTO printers, Dotsmark expands its product portfolio with two new premium addition
Dotsmark offers marking & coding printing solutions for every industry
Photo - Dotsmark

With over two decades of combined experience in marking and coding systems, Dotsmark Systems India is the authorized master dealer for HITACHI-Continuous Inkjet Printers, HITACHI & MARK-1-Thermal Inkjet Printers & SAVEMA-Thermal Transfer Overprinter pan India.

Offering a wide range of products to everyone in each industry, Dotsmark products, are commercially used for marking and coding printing solutions varying from pharmaceuticals to the food and beverage industry and much more.

The company continues the strive for their mission of creating valuable perfection for each customer through reliability, flexibility, integrity & speed. Amit Hastu, product head, Dotsmark, explained, “Being in the marking and coding systems, we hold leverage over a huge market, and our goal is to keep up with the market pace while delivering perfection. From badge number and manufacturing date to the lot number and expiry date. We print to keep our customers informed.”

TIJ Printer and TTO Printer

Being a customer-centric brand Dotsmark understands the futuristic, evolving needs of every customer, therefore has recently delivered two new printers Thermal inkjet printer from Vietnam and TTO printer from Turkey. These two next-generation universal state-of-the-art printing systems hold a screen controller that connects to the print head, are capable of high-speed application, and are adaptable to different packing printing needs. “We are pleased to have the latest addition to our product profile, which differs from CIJ printers to TIJ and TTO printers. This was also the main objective of introducing these two new printers at the recently concluded Drink Technology event in Mumbai from 7-9 December, to showcase and cater to the needs of the industry.

Photo - Dotsmark
Photo - Dotsmark

Road ahead

Speaking about their vision, he said, "Innovation and evolution is the key to success in every domain of work, and to be precise, that's what we plan on offering. Having said so, we soon, will also be launching our Advance Laser Printer in the coming years, making Dotsmark the ultimate stop for all coding and marking needs."

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