Fabcon India to showcase systems & solutions for better & more accurate processing of snacks

"Snack Food Solutions ... We Process Better!"
Fabcon India to showcase systems & solutions for better & more accurate processing of snacks
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Delhi-NCR (Gr.Noida)-based Fabcon India specializes in designing and supplying customized snack food processing solutions. Since 1981, the company has been involved in the manufacturing and exporting of food processing machines, conveyor systems, seasoning machines, ancillary equipment for packaging systems, powder handling solutions, etc.

According to Nishant Bansal, chief executive officer and managing director of Fabcon, the company offers customized solutions tailor-made as per customers' demands keeping future advancements in mind. "Fabcon has an integrated manufacturing facility of over 80,000 square feet that is set up with laser cutting, CNC forming & bending, TIG welding & GBB Surface finishing. With the help of a team of professional engineers and trained technicians, the company delivers the best in market quality, that its customers demand."

Impact of Covid-19 on manufacturing

The pandemic has brought a long-lasting impact on the food processing industry. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, global operations came to a screeching halt. A majority of the workforce had to stay home. Businesses had to track and adapt to changing policies and political climates across the globe.

Commenting on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the pressing need for automation, Bansal says, "Covid pandemic has raised the need for automated and hygiene-driven processes. More than ever, food manufacturing companies want to minimize their reliance on human intervention and are embracing complete automation. Automating production lines help companies become more versatile and efficient, reinvent the product and adapt quickly to changing needs."

Fabcon India at Inter Foodtech - Visit Stall No F-02 to explore their offerings and new developments

At Inter Foodtech Stall No F-02, Fabcon will be showcasing the following solutions developed for better and more accurate processing of snacks. Speaking about their participation, Bansal adds, "Utilizing this platform to the fullest, we are more than glad to give you a glimpse of new developments taking place at Fabcon."

  • Kettle Chips Fryer ensures complete cooking of Potato Crisp, and the final output will leave you wanting more. The Kettle Cooked Crisp will be the airiest and crunchiest crisp ever, with a perfect mouthfeel that will take you to absolute bliss

  • Vibratory Distribution System ensures uniform distribution of product and help saves the product loss. It has multiple drops to feed multiple packing machines with minimal product breakage

  • Weigh based Contimix System for Health / Trail Mixture, Fabcon has developed very accurate weigh’n’mix system that will ensure accurate mixing of ingredients with the help of the finest loadcells used in our System.

Bansal believes in providing only the best to his customers and helping them achieve the highest R.O.I with minimal Capex. "Our solutions are highly accurate and are known for their top-notch quality. Our quality is not only CE certified but also ULC & CSA rated. The testament to our quality and dedication is our trust earned in over 50 Countries. We have been serving and catering to our client's needs to the best of our abilities. We always believed in upholding our commitment towards them," he concludes.

Visit Fabcon India Stall No F02 to see their latest developments in snack processing at Inter Foodtech from 9 to 11 June 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Center (BEC), Mumbai.

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