Gulfood 2024: JBS highlights personalized flavor experiences and premium brands

Aligned with new MENA consumption trends, the Company will showcase its diversified portfolio and new high value-added brand products
Gulfood 2024: JBS highlights personalized flavor experiences and premium brands
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In sync with MENA consumption trends, JBS is showcasing its most recent brand launches at Gulfood 2024, the world’s largest food trade show in Dubai. The new products cater to consumers in search of unique flavor combinations without compromising quality.

The Company has observed that the consumption of spiced chicken strips has grown by more than 30% in recent years across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. This new post-pandemic trend indicates consumers in the region are increasingly in search of personalization and innovation without sacrificing the variety, quality and convenience of everyday products. Aiming to meet and exceed these expectations, JBS will showcase its new Seara Mixit product line of premium chicken strips with trio spice choice that can be added according to preference: barbecue, cheese and chili options offer an intense and customized flavor experience. In addition, the Mixit range offers convenience as an easy-to-prepare option that takes only a few minutes in an air fryer.

Seara will also bring its new Frango Tempurá Seara breaded products range. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside, the range caters for those in search of a restaurant experience at home and is accompanied by an exclusive barbecue sauce. Besides the new launches, Seara will exhibit a diversified portfolio of more than 120 products produced at its two plants in the region reflecting the importance of culture and cuisine in the Middle East. The portfolio includes chicken and steak burgers, sausages and meatballs, among other products.

Friboi, the leading beef exporter to the region, will also attend the trade show to strengthen its brand strategy and highlight its extensive product portfolio catering for “everyday meals” to “special occasions” and the food service channel. Offering tastings of its 1953 Friboi and Black Friboi premium ranges, MENA consumers will be introduced to Friboi’s high value-added experience. 1953 Friboi products are made from select cuts from the best European breeds offering superior tenderness and succulence. Black Friboi offers beef products with superior US Black Angus genetics, guaranteeing a high level of flavor and marbling. Friboi will also roll out its portfolio of prepared food brands: Anglo, Exeter – a benchmark in African markets – and Bordon, with a strong presence in the halal market.

Occupying a 290-m² stand, JBS will also exhibit products from across its global portfolio including Pilgrim's and Novaprom, with representatives from Brazil, the United States, Canada, China, Europe, Africa and Australia on the ground to welcome visitors to its tailored Gulfood 2024 experience.

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