Ingredion to demonstrate sugar reduction and affordability solutions at Djazagro 2024

To learn more about Ingredion's ingredient solutions and sample the on-stand prototypes, visit stand A B039 at Djazagro 2024
Ingredion to demonstrate sugar reduction and affordability solutions at Djazagro 2024
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Ingredion experts will be on hand at the Djazagro exhibition to demonstrate how its ingredient solutions can help food and beverage manufacturers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region address key challenges like sugar reduction and affordability.

The company, a leading global supplier of food and beverage ingredients, will showcase its latest innovations at the event, which takes place between the 22 and 25 April 2024, at SAFEX Palais des Expositions in Algiers, Algeria.

Algeria, one of the world's largest importers of sugar, faces unique challenges in balancing consumer preferences with health concerns and economic pressures. The country's 9% value-added tax on white and raw sugar, aimed at tackling health issues and reducing import spending, has impacted food and beverage manufacturers who may lack the expertise to produce sugar-reduced products.

"The sugar tax in Algeria and other parts of Africa is a major concern for food and beverage manufacturers, who are looking for effective sugar reduction solutions," said Quentin Labbe, Ingredion's Sales and Technical Services Manager for the Middle East and North & West Africa.

"At a national level consumer choices are still driven by sugar and its taste, however health and wellbeing is beginning to come to the fore in terms of preference. With consumers increasingly seeking out healthier variants of soft drinks, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages while avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners."

“This shift in consumer preferences coincides with a demand for sweetened beverages. This is becoming highly competitive as local production expands and new products are being developed. The economic slowdown in the country has also reduced disposable incomes, encouraging more cautious spending among consumers, especially considering increases in sugar consumption during Ramadan."

To address sugar reduction and affordability concerns, Ingredion's team of experts will be on hand at Djazagro to discuss how its wide range of tailored ingredient solutions can help customers navigate this challenge without compromising taste and texture. Visitors to Ingredion's stand can sample a variety of delicious recipe prototypes inspired by evolving consumer trends in health and wellness, such as reduced sugar, clean label and plant-based diets.

These prototypes include multiple sugar-reduced drinks which utilize PureCircle by Ingredion's portfolio of stevia-based sweeteners. These drinks include an orange and pomegranate juice drink, a lemonade and malt carbonated drink, and a Ramadan meal replacement drink incorporating plant-based proteins.

Ingredion will also showcase other delicious products including Madeleine cupcakes using proprietary texture and sweetener solutions, as well as a brownie, a chocolate-filled muffin, and non-fruit strawberry fillings that address water activity and stability challenges.

"At Ingredion, we combine our global formulation expertise with cost-effective ingredient solutions to help customers achieve cost reductions while still delivering high-quality, on-trend products. Our prototypes at Djazagro demonstrate how sugar reduction can be achieved without sacrificing taste or texture," added Labbe.

"Djazagro is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with current and potential customers from across the MENA region. Our experts are excited to discuss the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in various sectors, from dairy and beverages to bakery and savory products, and demonstrate how Ingredion's solutions can help. The future will lie with the most agile companies, who will save their margins and market share through innovation that respects product accessibility. At Djazagro, they will find ingredient and process solutions to better adapt their ranges to the aspirations of new generations."

To learn more about Ingredion's ingredient solutions and sample the on-stand prototypes, visit stand A B039 at Djazagro 2024.

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