Laitram Machinery to showcase innovative shrimp processing solutions and its new Partnership Plan at India Shrimp Summit 2024

Laitram Machinery to showcase innovative shrimp processing solutions and its new Partnership Plan at India Shrimp Summit 2024

Laitram Machinery, a global leader in seafood processing technology, is thrilled to announce its participation in the India Shrimp Summit 2024 as silver sponsors, scheduled to take place from 27 to 29 June 2024 at the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, India. This event offers an excellent platform for industry leaders to explore the latest advancements in shrimp processing and discuss trends shaping the future of the shrimp industry. It is a must-attend event for professionals across the shrimp value chain.

Laitram Machinery has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and industry pioneer worldwide, especially in India. With a specific focus on shrimp processing, Laitram has significantly contributed to the Indian shrimp industry through innovative solutions. Laitram's Sales and Service team has established partnerships with Indian shrimp processors and has played an important role in implementing and supporting the design of solutions to address the main challenges shrimp processors face.

Why meet Laitram:

At this year’s summit, Laitram Machinery will discuss about its COOLSTEAM SHRIMP COOKER and the SMART precision shrimp sorter (SMART Sorter) and its latest PARTNERSHIP PLAN for the SMART Sorter.

Laitram Machinery's participation in this summit underscores its commitment to advancing the shrimp processing sector. The company had analyzed current shrimp industry dynamics and has focused on developing a Laitram Partnership Planthat aims to be accessible to all processors as it allows a lower up-front investment and near immediately positive cash flow.

The Partnership Plan will allow customers with different processing needs and volumes to focus on production, not financing, with a pay-as-you-go model based on processed pounds. The Laitram Partnership Plan makes getting the industry-leading SMART Sorter easier than ever, no matter the volume you process. Pay per lb, and with a small prepayment, acquire the top-of-the-line SMART Sorter with the highest throughput and highest specs including all software updates and optimization services.

  • Highest throughput & the latest technology: Whether processors run a lot or a little, they will get Laitram's highest capacity machine and the latest software upgrades. Processors can finish their production day faster, run more products, and make more money now and in the future.

  • Reduce risk and maximize uptime: Laitram's comprehensive plan significantly discounts expert service, optimization, and parts.  

Laitram is not only here to discuss about its groundbreaking products and the “Laitram Partnership Program” but would also like to share its recent cooker optimization and training session at one of its Indian customer shrimp processing plants. They have seen the phenomenal result. Laitram keeps its customer at utmost priority and believe in providing in-person technical support as well as training to ensures that all its equipment users are achieving the paybacks.

CoolSteam Shrimp Cooker

The CoolSteam Shrimp Cooker represents a revolution in shrimp cooking technology. Utilizing a proprietary steam-cooking method, the CoolSteam Cooker ensures even and precise cooking, resulting in superior texture and taste. The cooker is designed to maximize yield and consistency while minimizing energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice for shrimp processors.

Key features of the CoolSteam Shrimp Cooker include:

  • Uniform Cooking: Ensures consistent quality across all shrimp sizes.

  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces energy costs by 25% - 85% compared to traditional cooking methods.

  • Enhanced Yield: Optimizes cooking processes to improve overall shrimp yield.

Smart precision shrimp sorter: revolutionizing shrimp grading

Laitram’s Smart precision shrimp sorter is an advanced sorting solution that leverages state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in shrimp processing. Utilizing laser imaging and computer vision algorithms, the Smart precision shrimp sorter, inspects, and sorts every shrimp in a lot automatically, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Equipped with intelligent sensors and sophisticated software, the SMART Shrimp Laser Sorter Grader maximizes the value of each shrimp, offering a tighter uniformity ratio (UR), improved size distribution, and precise targeting of average counts. The innovative Key Features of the Smart precision shrimp sorter:

  • High Precision: Accurate sorting capabilities to meet exacting standards.

  • Increased Throughput: High-speed processing to handle large volumes efficiently.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use controls for quick setup and operation and real time data.

Since its introduction, the SMART Precision Shrimp Sorter has seen rapid adoption worldwide, getting closer to 100 units in India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Thailand, and the Gulf of Mexico. Several customers have more than one unit for head-on and headless shrimp.

Discover how the SMART Precision Shrimp Sorter can transform your shrimp processing operations, bringing unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to your business.

Visit Laitram Machinery at India Shrimp Summit

Laitram Machinery invites all attendees to the India Shrimp Summit to experience the transformative potential of its innovative solutions. Visitors can expect an immersive experience and interactive discussions with Laitram's team of experts. Gain invaluable insights into optimizing shrimp processing workflows, enhancing product quality, and driving operational excellence.

Dedicated to providing advanced processing solutions, Laitram Machinery continually sets new standards in the seafood industry. Its expertise and cutting-edge technology help seafood processors worldwide achieve optimal performance and profitability.

Stay ahead in the shrimp processing industry with Laitram Machinery’s cutting-edge solutions at the India Shrimp Summit 2024!

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Suruchi Shekhar

Laitram Machinery

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