Lamipak debuts at the 50th Dairy Industry Conference in Hyderabad with its packaging solutions tailored for the Indian dairy market

Lamipak team at the 50th Dairy Industry Conference, Hyderabad
Lamipak team at the 50th Dairy Industry Conference, HyderabadPhoto - Lamipak

Lamipak, a global leader in aseptic packaging solutions, debuts its first exhibition in India at the 50th Dairy Industry Conference, Hyderabad with its packaging solutions tailored for the Indian dairy market.  This Golden Jubilee edition was focused on the theme 'Indian Dairying: Innovation & Entrepreneurship,' addressing current challenges in dairy businesses through innovative solutions.

During the three-day showcase, from 4 to 6 March, Lamipak presented its wide range of aseptic packaging options, varying in formats from 65ml to 1000ml. Additionally, the company actively promoted its eco-friendly U-shaped paper straws and custom-designed paper straw wrappers, providing dairy brand owners with a unique opportunity to eliminate the use of plastic entirely from the straw landscape. 

Lamipak's ISU Cluster Head, Karunesh Singh said, "In light of the projection that India will contribute to 33% of global milk production in the next decade, India stands as a key focus market for Lamipak, and this strategic emphasis gains further significance with our new operational facility in Indonesia. Building upon our considerable success with paper straws and aseptic laminates among major players in the Indian Food & Beverage sector, we have showcased our in-house innovation capabilities. In our ongoing commitment, we promise to consistently deliver quality solutions that align with the evolving needs of the dairy industry in India."

Highlighting the importance of the conference, he added, “The Dairy Industry Conference served as the best platform for engaging with key stakeholders in the dairy market. It also presents an extraordinary opportunity for Lamipak to enhance its market footprint in the country and establish a more substantial presence within the industry." 

Lamipak's second world-class facility in Indonesia is ready to serve and benefit Indian customers. The proximity to the seaport facilitates expedited delivery, allowing us to serve customers in India with greater efficiency and timeliness. The fully operational Indonesia facility is set to produce 18 billion packs in two phases. Lamipak remains dedicated to providing top-notch service and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers in India.

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