Lavazza brings authentic Italian coffee experience to AAHAR 2023

To showcase exclusive Lavazza offerings at Asian culinary destination
Lavazza brings authentic Italian coffee experience to AAHAR 2023
Photo - Lavazza

Keeping up with its commitment to bringing the best of coffee, art, and science, Fresh & Honest brings Lavazza, the Italian brand among the world’s leading coffee roasters, to partner with AAHAR 2023, the International Food & Hospitality Fair. Starting 14 March, Lavazza will have a 108 square-meter booth for the next five days as it displays its exclusive product offerings suited for a refreshing coffee pour across hotels, cafes, restaurants, theaters, and much more.

While featuring its Lavazza Rejuvenated Coffee, the brand will also have its signature blends under the Tierra Sustainability Collection as it continues to build a sustainable coffee future. For B2B entities looking for the ultimate coffee experience at cafes and specialty restaurants, they have got a range of professional coffee machines from Nuova Simonelli, including the victoria arduino. Additionally, an unmatched range of super-automatic, automatic, and mid-sized machines from brands such as Delonghi, Saeco, Nuova Simonelli & Carimali will be ideal for coffee pours for coffee shops. Breakfast, restaurants, lounges, and banqueting, will be available as part of the experience. For hotels seeking in-room alternatives, the single-serve system from Lavazza, the Blue machine & Capsules, will also be on exhibit apart from other interesting alternatives.

To further build an immersive coffee interaction, Lavazza will host a separate coffee bar counter where the baristas will showcase brewing techniques and methodologies right from espresso-based to alternate methods of brewing, including emerging techniques, such as cold brews and pour-overs. The brand will also conduct coffee brewing sessions, including special recipes at specific intervals to offer the latest tips and techniques.

The Lavazza stall, in a unique manner, will be having distinctive sections catering to cafes, breakfast, restaurants, banqueting & in-rooms apart from the Lavazza Training Center counter with specific machine categories and coffee blends tailor-made for each area to help customers choose the right mix of machine and coffee on offer. Further, to cater to the growing filter coffee market, there will be a dedicated Fresh & Honest filter coffee experience center.

Fresh & Honest, through its network of Lavazza Training Centers, would be offering year-round training programs both at its centers as well as at customer locations and the coffee fraternity is invited to book slots for the same at AAHAR 2023.

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