Maggi partners 2022 West African Food Festival held in Ghana

The three-day event attracted over 200 chefs from 14 countries
Maggi partners 2022 West African Food Festival held in Ghana
Photo - Nestlé

Maggi, in partnership with the Chefs’ Association of Ghana, hosted the 2022 edition of the West Africa Food Festival (WAFFEST) in Accra, Ghana. The three-day event attracted over 200 chefs from 14 countries.

The festival kicked off with a tour of the Nestlé factory in Tema, Ghana. Nestlé, producers of MAGGI, hosted the chefs, taking them through the manufacturing process, as well as the strict quality and safety standards during the production process.

This was followed by a colorful opening ceremony the following day, where the chefs cooked and showcased their traditional dishes like ‘lechotlho’ from Botswana, ‘aboloo and Keta school boys’ from Ghana, isombe from Rwanda, and ‘eba and egusi’ from Nigeria.

In a presentation at the ceremony, the Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Manager for Nestlé Central and West Africa, Akua Kwakwa, shed some light on Maggi, saying, “Maggi seasonings are a great blend of taste and nutrition. They contain kitchen cupboard ingredients like salt and spices and are fortified with iodine, with some also fortified with iron. Maggi seasonings are flavorful enough that there is no need to add extra salt when you cook with them.”

The event was followed by two days of cooking competitions among the chefs. The Chefs Association of Ghana emerged triumphant winning six trophies and 16 medals out of eight competitions. They won Gold in the Jollof, Country Cuisine, Plated Dessert, and Waffest Chef competitions. They also took Silver in the Bread and Three Tier Cake competitions. Some attendees also won branded Maggi souvenirs during a quiz session.

The event climaxed with a dinner, where all chefs from participating countries shared their final meals and goodbyes. Chef Mark Punshak from Nigeria, sharing his impression of the event, said that he had found the festival very educating, entertaining, and satisfying with so much to eat.

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