Mespack and Hoffer strengthen their partnership by creating an innovative and sustainable solution

Mespack and Hoffer strengthen their partnership by creating an innovative and sustainable solution
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Within the framework of their partnership agreement, Mespack and Hoffer are pleased to announce the market launch of an innovative and sustainable solution for flexible packaging: the P-15 spout and cap. This new closure can be used with Mespack’s wide range of horizontal form-fill-seal machines. These machines were already operable with the Hoffer P-20 closure model. Mespack equipment can also be adapted to operate with various recyclable material structures.

The P-15 closure has been re-designed: it is lightweight and has 20% less plastic. Most importantly, it has been designed to be compatible with mono-layer materials, which are more recyclable than products made of multiple plastics or mixed materials. Mono-layer materials use less energy during the recycling process (dividing or separating of substances needed is eliminated), thus higher quality recycled products are created. The new P-15 is 46% lighter than the P-20.

Furthermore, one of Mespack’s most versatile machines, the H180FE model, installed at the new Dow Pack Studios innovation center in Freeport, TX (USA), has been adapted (retrofitted) to operate with this new closure. The equipment is available with a variety of collaborations, such as the testing of recyclable-ready material and various types of fixtures, among others.

This co-creation is an impressive illustration of effective collaboration between multiple partners to develop a better and more sustainable solution for flexible packaging. The new P-15 closure offers a high-quality, sustainable, and recyclable packaging solution as more regions around the world, including Europe, move toward full circular economies and the regulations mandating complete recyclable plastic packaging before the 2030 approach. Hoffer closures have been fundamental to the recyclable spouted stand-up pouch projects that have been developed over recent years between the two companies, intending to offer quality and sustainable flexible packaging solutions to the market.

From February 7th to 9th, Mespack and Hoffer will be present at WestPack, the trade fair of solutions that are driving the packaging and logistics industry forward. The event will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, California (USA). You can visit them at booths 5226 (Mespack) and 2397 (Hoffer/located at the coinciding event, MD&M West).

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