Mespack unveils innovative packaging solutions at Snack & BakeTec

Mr Anthony Dsouza, Managing Director of Mespack India
Mr Anthony Dsouza, Managing Director of Mespack India

At the recent Snack & BakeTec event, we had the opportunity to interact with Mr Anthony Dsouza, Managing Director of Mespack India, to explore their significant presence at the show. Known for its innovative packaging solutions, Mespack India showcased various cutting-edge technologies and solutions designed to revolutionize the food and beverage industry.

Introducing the RM 260: A Game-Changer for Small Manufacturers

Mespack India has always been committed to providing high-quality, high-speed packaging solutions for various applications. At Snack & BakeTec 2024, the company unveiled the RM 260, a compact and versatile machine tailored for the Indian market. Speaking about the new launch, Mr. Dsouza highlighted the unique needs of the Indian market, noting that many small manufacturers, such as those producing Namkeen, require cost-effective solutions for packing multiple products with lower volumes. The RM 260 meets these challenges by offering a compact, efficient machine capable of handling various fill weights and accommodating diverse products. “Designed to be user-friendly with features like auto changeover, it eliminates the hassle of changing fillers and adjusting parameters, making it ideal for small manufacturers. This innovation enables even smaller producers to achieve high-quality packaging with precision and elegance, thus enhancing their market competitiveness,” Mr. Dsouza explained.

Strategic Goals and Market Opportunities

Mespack’s vision for the Indian market is rooted in quality, efficiency, and high productivity. Mr. Dsouza shared, “Mespack has been a dominant manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines for many years. We focus on quality, efficiency, and high productivity. The awareness of good packaging in India has significantly increased since the pandemic, highlighting the value of well-packaged products. The Indian market is large, though conservative due to global economic conditions. However, the potential is immense, and Mespack is capitalizing on it by introducing economical models to showcase the real value of packaging."

Discussing industry trends, he further noted, “India has changed significantly over the past decade. People now have a broader outlook, with both urban and rural markets recognized for their potential. There are plenty of opportunities in India, and it’s up to us to make the most of them.”

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Support

According to Mr. Dsouza, continuous innovation is a cornerstone of Mespack’s strategy. He emphasized, “We are always working on new ideas and innovations. While not every innovation may be suitable for the Indian market, we ensure that we keep evolving and offering new solutions to meet market demands.”

Mespack also prides itself on its robust sales and service network, ensuring customers receive exceptional support from initial purchase to post-installation maintenance. “Our USP is our service. We have the best service network in India, with a 100% indigenous team. Even the best machines need good service to be effective. We ensure our customers don’t face any issues with service, making Mespack a reliable partner,” Mr. Dsouza highlighted.

In addition, Mespack actively engages with customers and partners through digital platforms to keep them updated about its latest offerings and solutions. He explained, “We are very active on our website and LinkedIn, where we conduct educational programs, talk shows, and webinars. These platforms are great for gaining new knowledge and training. We are dedicated to educating people, not just promoting our products, but helping them become better in their fields.”

Mespack's Vision for Growth

While sharing Mespack’s ambitious plans for the future, Mr. Dsouza underlined, “Mespack operates under the Duravant umbrella, which includes various verticals such as food processing, packaging, and material handling industries. We have significant plans for growth in India across these verticals. The demand for packaged products is growing, and the packaging industry in India has enormous potential. We are just getting started and are committed to working on and capturing this market potential,” he said.

Summarizing Mespack’s unique value proposition, Dsouza confidently stated, "We don't just sell machines; we offer packaging solutions. Mespack is a one-stop shop for all packaging needs, from primary to end-of-line packaging. We take ownership of the entire project, working as partners with our customers to ensure their success, which in turn is our success."

"India is a market with immense potential, and Mespack is well-positioned to lead the way with our innovative packaging solutions and strong commitment to customer success," he concluded.

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