MONIN displayed an extensive portfolio of syrups, crushes, fruit mixes & frappe powders at AAHAR

Focusing on quality, creativity, and innovation, MONIN helps customers succeed in crafting the most innovative and ahead-of-the-trend drinks
Monin stall at AAHAR
Monin stall at AAHARPhoto - Monin

With its roots in Bourges, France, MONIN was founded in 1912 and has since been dedicated to preserving time-honored flavor traditions that have been passed down through three generations of the MONIN family. As a result of its unwavering commitment to flavorings expertise and high-quality products, MONIN has become the leading provider of premium gourmet flavorings worldwide. It is globally renowned as the brand of choice for hospitality professionals (Bartenders and Baristas) and boasts of a huge client base ranging from small independent cafes to QSR chains.

Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN India
Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN India Photo - Monin

Germain Araud, managing director, MONIN India talked about how the company impacts beverage professionals, “Our extensive collection of over 65+ syrup flavors, gourmet sauces, fruit mixes, and frappe powders enables professionals to create a wide range of distinctive and customized beverages. After more than a century in business, MONIN remains devoted to producing premium products.” MONIN’s products in India include syrups, sauces, frappe, crushes, and fruit mixes.

Pursuing constant innovation

To stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers need to focus on extensive research, trials, and new product development that please the consumers’ palettes. Commenting on these efforts, Germain remarked, “We are always pursuing innovation and continuously bringing new flavors to India. In 2022, we introduced a new product category called “Crush” in three flavors as well as a new and improved version of Vanilla Frappe. Now, we have also launched our Spiced Jamun and Chocolate Frappe in India.”

Monin stall at AAHAR
Monin stall at AAHARPhoto - Monin

Making its presence felt at AAHAR 2023

Germain believes that trade shows provide a platform for companies to network with partners, build relationships with customers, showcase their latest products, and gather valuable market insights. Keeping this in mind, MONIN participated in the recently concluded AAHAR-International Food and Hospitality Fair held in New Delhi from 14 to 18 March 2023.

At the event, MONIN launched its first ‘desi’/ethnic syrup Spiced Jamun which was specially curated for the Indian market by its R&D and innovation team. Germain proudly said, “At AAHAR, we introduced our new and improved version of Chocolate Frappe as well. We also exhibited our extensive collection of over 65+ syrup flavors, gourmet sauces, fruit mixes, crushes, and frappe powders.”

For MONIN, AAHAR helped fulfill various business objectives like

Increase brand awareness - Introduce the brand and products to a wider audience. By creating an eye-catching display and offering samples or demonstrations, it could attract potential customers and build brand recognition.

Generate potential business opportunities -Contacting the potential target customers from attendees who express interest in its products.

Networking - Connect with other professionals in the industry, and network with other vendors, suppliers, or potential partners.

Unveil new products - Generate excitement around new offerings and get feedback from attendees.

Collect industry insights - Gather market research on industry trends and consumer preferences.

Commenting on MONIN’s experience at the event, he said, “By visiting our stall, customers and visitors got the opportunity to sample our products, witness live demonstrations, and received expert advice on how to incorporate our curations into their beverage creations. Additionally, they also connected with our team and learned more about our commitment to quality, expertise, and innovation.”

MONIN takes pride in its best practices such as responsible sourcing, natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring or coloring in the majority of its products, and the use of pure cane sugar for its syrups, making the brand a trusted partner for the industry for generations. With the vision to create the beverages of today and tomorrow, with continued carefulness for the Earth, MONIN aims to be the trusted ally that customers can always count on.

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