Packaging technology for a sustainable fruit trade in future

MULTIVAC at Fruit Logistica 2024 in Berlin (Hall 2.1, Stand A-10)
Packaging technology for a sustainable fruit trade in future

The global fruit trading sector can make a contribution to sustainable development – with packs, which protect fresh fruit and vegetables from premature spoilage along the entire supply chain, as well as saving resources and being fully recyclable. Exhibiting under the motto “Multiply your value”, MULTIVAC will be showing suitable machine technology and pack concepts for environmentally-friendly and cost-effective packaging at Fruit Logistica (Hall 2.1, Stand A-10), which is being held in Berlin from 7 to 9 February 2024.

Among the exhibits on the MULTIVAC stand will be a line solution for packing large batches of product fully automatically. The heart of the line: the TX 710 traysealer. The line packs fresh berries in biodegradable trays made of cellulose, and it seals them with a thin, transparent and compostable film, which protects the product against premature spoilage. Equipped with sensors and an intelligent machine control, the TX 710 always runs at its optimum operating point thanks to constant synchronization of the pack infeed, tray sealing and pack discharge – and all at maximum output with consistently high pack quality and minimal waste. An optional connection to the MULTIVAC Cloud enables production to be analyzed and optimized in real time. The compact H 130 handling module automatically unloads the trays from the packaging machine at high speed and with great precision, before placing them into containers after the packaging process.

In addition to this automatic line solution, MULTIVAC will also be showing the compact T 305, a stand-alone traysealer at entry-level for packing small and medium-sized batches of fresh products fully automatically.

Resource-saving closure sealing of fruit and vegetables with labels

For those fruits and vegetables, which do not need to be packed under vacuum or modified atmosphere, MULTIVAC will be showing at Fruit Logistica two conveyor belt labellers for sustainable and cost-effective packaging. The labellers make closure sealing and labelling of fruit and vegetable trays possible in one single operation. In the case of TopWRAP closure sealing, the labeller applies a C-shaped label over the top of the tray and down both sides. The trade fair exhibit will show the packing of mushrooms in a cardboard tray with a film label, and the proportion of plastic in the pack is under ten percent, while the mushrooms remain fresh for significantly longer. A special manufacturing process ensures that there are adhesive-free zones on the inside of the labels, so that they are permitted for direct contact with food.

Also to be experienced on the MULTIVAC stand in live operation: The packing of loose berries in cardboard trays with TopCLOSE closure sealing. In this case, the labeller applies a label only to the edges of the fruit tray. Here too the inside of the label remains adhesive-free. By using a peel corner, the consumer can pull off the label and direct it to the appropriate recycling channel.

This automatic packaging process on a MULTIVAC conveyor belt labeller provides tangible cost savings compared with laborious manual solutions. And operating at an output of up to 180 packs per minute, the labeller ensures that food waste is reduced to a minimum.

Packaging advice and presentations about the sustainable packing of fruit and vegetables

MULTIVAC experts will be providing information to trade fair visitors about the various opportunities for improving recycling and the ecological footprint of the product, by employing innovative pack designs and alternative materials, so that companies in the sector can produce more cost-effectively and with less material. The focus will also be on MULTIVAC's range of PaperBoard materials. MULTIVAC's presence at the trade fair will be rounded off with a presentation on "Integrated packaging systems" by Cem Yildirim, Regional Sales Manager at MULTIVAC USA, taking place on the TechStage on 8 February 2024 at 2 pm.

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