SEALPAC at interpack 2023

New generations of traysealers and thermoformers, each producing smart, resource-saving packaging concepts
SEALPAC at interpack 2023

SEALPAC invites you to Interpack in Düsseldorf! As a leading manufacturer of high-tech traysealers and thermoformers, the company has used the event break caused by the Corona pandemic to present exciting innovations in all of its machine segments at the upcoming edition of the world's largest trade fair for the packaging industry, which will take place from 4th - 10th May, 2023. Under the motto "GO sustainable!", SEALPAC will be presenting a flexible, semi-automatic traysealer that can package a large variety of products in small quantities, as well as its high-output traysealers and thermoformers that are fully prepared for Industry 4.0. Whether it concerns its entry-level model or performance class, each of these energy-efficient machines produce attractive packs that combine maximum product safety with particularly economical use of materials.


World premiere: SEALPAC’s all-round, semi-automatic M-Flex tray sealer

Highly flexible, extremely compact and suitable for its entire range of packaging solutions: with the innovative, semi-automatic M-Flex traysealer, SEALPAC’s renowned tray-sealing technology is now also available for smaller production processes. Craft workshops, small business startups, laboratories, test kitchens and catering suppliers can use it to produce the entire spectrum of packaging solutions in an extremely small space and with only short set-up times. The high-performance, versatile M-Flex traysealer processes all prefabricated packaging materials, such as plastic, foil and cardboard, with the highest degree of precision to produce secure and attractive packaging, ranging from standard solutions to innovative SEALPAC packaging concepts like FlatSkin, FlatMap, TraySkin, EasyLid and more.


SEALPAC Amax tray sealer: state of the art

The SEALPAC Amax-series sets new standards in high-performance tray-sealing. Depending on the application, these intuitively operated machines are up to 50 percent faster than previous generations. They are characterized by their particularly low-wear, low-maintenance design and are driven by high-quality servomotors that allow for extremely smooth production runs, unrivalled in the market until today. The integrated EnergyManager ensures optimal use of energy. Furthermore, the air consumption of the Amax traysealer has been reduced by up to 90 percent.

In addition to conventional modified atmosphere or TraySkin packaging, these flexible traysealers produce particularly resource-saving solutions. For example, they process ultra-light trays, the weight of which has been reduced by 20 percent compared to conventional MAP trays. Hybrid packaging concepts with a reduced plastic and high cardboard content, such as eTray, FlatSkin or FlatMap, can also be handled by the SEALPAC Amax traysealers. At request, we offer you an all-in-one solution, which allows you to run all these concepts on the same base machine.

The intelligent drive management of the SEALPAC Amax traysealer reduces the maintenance effort and thus ensures optimal availability at all times. All in all, the new series succeeds in optimally combining product safety, performance and efficient operation with more resource conservation.


SEALPAC PRO and RE thermoformer: all performance classes, all materials

Also within SEALPAC’s portfolio of high-quality thermoformers, the focus is on combining flexibility and performance with improved sustainability and less usage of resources. Next to the compact PRO thermoformer, outstanding in its flexibility, it will be demonstrating its high-output RE thermoformer by producing striking packs made from demanding mono-PP film. As such, this machine supports SEALPAC's customers in meeting the latest sustainability requirements in the packaging industry. The pack is equipped with SEALPAC’s unique EasyPeelPoint opening system, which is less subjective to cold sealing, common in existing thermoformer applications.


All SEALPAC thermoformers reliably process a wide range of materials, including recyclable films made from mono-PP, mono-APET or mono-PE, as well as innovations like paper-based film. Each thermoformer stands for first-class quality in packaging design, hermetic sealing and user-friendly opening behaviour, especially when applying our EasyPeelPoint system.

From machine monitoring to packaging inspiration

There will be numerous other highlights at the SEALPAC stand at Interpack, such as machine monitoring. The company will show you that, for example by using OPC/UA, its equipment is easily integrated into line control software. This allows its customers to see in real time if the machine is running, in stop, in error, or waiting for up- or downstream equipment. As such, it simplifies operational planning and increases efficiency in every detail. In addition, it supports maintenance, service and error diagnosis, therefore optimally meeting the needs of Industry 4.0.


Anyone looking for new ideas from the world of packaging will also find answers at the SEALPAC stand. In SEALPAC's Supermarket of Innovations, it will present an exciting selection of new, creative packaging concepts from all over the world, which will inspire any packaging expert.

SEALPAC is exhibiting at Interpack 2023 in hall 5, stand F38

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