Sidel’s sustainable complete line solution and packaging innovation at CBST 2021/CBST 2023

Sidel’s sustainable complete line solution and packaging innovation at CBST 2021/CBST 2023
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Taking place from 7th to 9th April 2023, the 10th and 11th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science & Technology (CBST) is China’s leading show focused on beverage industry technology, which this year merges with 2021’s event, which was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors to the Sidel booth (1F02, N1 hall) at SNIEC, Shanghai, will discover the company’s latest releases for local beverage players, with a special focus on aseptic, complete line solutions, sustainability, strong local manufacturing capability and local service, and digitalization.

Consumer preferences, both locally and across the globe, have changed drastically, accelerated by the pandemic. Health awareness now significantly influences consumers’ purchase decisions. Rising trends such as sugar-free innovation, flavored water, and functional dairy drinks are some of the vital signs for beverage players to be adapted to their strategies. Moreover, PET, as the only plastic suitable for closed-loop bottle-to-bottle recycling, has an expected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% worldwide within the water and carbonated soft drinks sector[2] between 2022 and 2026, which demonstrates its potential as one of the safest and most sustainable packaging materials.

High performance facilitated by sustainable solutions and local service support

Sidel, as a full solution partner, provides producers with a thorough understanding of our complete line capabilities, combining smart and sustainable solutions at the booth.

“For liquid dairy products as well as juices, isotonic, teas, and all sensitive beverages, our unique Aseptic Predis X4, an evolution of Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis, which possesses dry preform sterilization technology, offers utmost food safety, flexibility, and environmental benefits to sensitive product manufacturers. Built on more than 47 years of experience in aseptic packaging equipment technology. We currently have over 120 aseptic lines installed in China,” says Meiqing Zhang, vice president - Sales & Service Greater China, Sidel.

As a showcase of Sidel’s complete line capabilities, Sidel’s Super Combi – integrating preform feeding, blowing, labeling, filling, and cap feeding in a single, smart solution – can offer great productivity and quality benefits for customers active in the beverage.

Furthermore, visitors will discover Sidel’s wide service portfolio helps build, maintain, and improve customers’ performance throughout their asset lifecycle. Here, Sidel showcases its strong, highly competent local tea, including the Beijing plant, Bottle & Aseptic Lab, Shainghai mold shop, training center, refurbish center, and Shanghai packaging center.

“With our strong local supply chain, equipment delivery delays caused by the pandemic can be avoided. We believe Sidel’s local service hub plays a crucial role that can not only enhance service quality but also reinforce the customer relationship,” states Meiqing.

Future-orientated packaging innovation and digitalization

Sidel’s latest design innovation, 1SKIN, delivers a unique label-less recycled PET bottle, which combines distinctive shelf appeal with the highest eco credentials. 1SKIN has been designed to help customers achieve their sustainability goals and drive sales of high-end products. Made with readily available 100% rPET, the label-free bottle with its tethered cap can immediately enter the recycling stream, with no need to separate additional raw materials such as ink, glue, labels, or sleeves, and is available immediately on Sidel’s new or existing lines.

The highlight of Sidel’s digital empowerment is Evo-ON, a unique cloud suite with built-in intelligence that is designed to supervise and optimize all aspects of a customer’s line. Evo-ON smart apps transform unused raw equipment data into power levers for achieving peak line performance. As a result of 24/7 equipment data aggregation and analysis, the suite provides real-time and proactive alerts, alongside notifications, customizable dashboards, and reports, to unlock optimum packaging line performance with ease.

“We are eager to lead the industry through our advanced packaging technologies and innovations, and our determination to establish a more sustainable future. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at CBST,” concludes Meiqing.

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