Stop the money leak in your seafood processing!

Automate and update your older technologies & save millions in shrimp processing with Laitram Machinery at Booth #3HH201
Stop the money leak in your seafood processing!

Don't miss Laitram Machinery (Booth #3HH201) at Barcelona Seafood Expo Global! Explore the latest advancements and success stories in shrimp, crab, lobster, cooking, peeling, and grading. Laitram Machinery brings over 75 years of experience in the shrimp industry. We'll show you proven success stories of processors who saved millions by automating with Laitram's innovative solutions. Don't let outdated technology and expensive labor drain your profits!

Here's how Laitram can help you:

  • Increase Efficiency: Automate manual processes to boost productivity and increased precision.

  • Reduce Costs: Increase profits per pound, with more precision, higher yields, optimized processes, and reduced labor, saving you money every step of the way.

  • Improve Quality: Maintain consistent quality standards, food safety, and high yields for a superior product. real-time data that guides your decisions.

“Don't wait! Delaying automation is like a persistent water leak, slowly eroding your profits.”

Shrimp processors worldwide trust Laitram as a leading supplier with over 270+ CoolSteam Systems and 85+ Smart Sorters in operation globally. Customers across APAC, USA, and Europe consistently reorder Laitram's innovative CoolSteam Cookers, Chilling Systems, Shrimp Peeling Services and Smart Sorters, signifying their satisfaction with its products. Laitram's network of offices and trained technicians are strategically located around the world to offer you the best support possible. Additionally, we maintain a regional inventory of spare parts to minimize downtime, so you can focus on what matters most – running your business effectively.

Unlock Peak Performance and Profitability with CoolSteam® Cooker for Shrimp, Crab and Lobster Cooking

The CoolSteam® cooker utilizes low-temperature steam technology to gently cook shrimp, crab, and lobster and other seafood, locking in their delicious flavors, nutrients, and delicate textures. But that's not all! This advanced method reaches the lethal temperature range (5 log kill) without overcooking the outside surface ensuring the safety of every bite.

CoolSteam® patented cookers achieve the perfect balance of Product Safety, Product Quality, and Yield with precision temperature control and a flexible system that is easy to operate with low maintenance costs. It has proven yield gains of 1%-7% compared to any other method of cooking on the market for different products.

“Impress demanding buyers with perfectly shaped shrimp. Laitram's low temperature, forced convection steam technology surpasses traditional water cookers, providing 3% more sellable product (41-50 ct/Kg HOSO) and increased profits.”

Cut Costs and Conserve Water with Laitram's Close loop Chiller Technology!

  • Laitram's Rainfall Chiller reduces energy consumption by 25-75% compared to traditional methods or ice. The Rainfall Chiller uses a gentle shower of water to create convection, promoting faster and even more cooling of your shrimp.

  • Minimize water waste with Laitram's innovative closed-loop circulation system, achieving up to 95% water usage reduction.

  • This innovative process quickly chills the core temperature of the shrimp, allowing to maximize the freezer capacity, without damaging its delicate texture.

  • Maximize your output and maintain consistent product quality while significantly reducing labor expenses with a continuous Feeding, Cooking and Chilling system.

Laitram's expertise helps processors like you achieve substantial cost savings and environmental responsibility.
Laitram's expertise helps processors like you achieve substantial cost savings and environmental responsibility.

Upgrade your shrimp grading with Laitram's innovative Smart Sorter!

In today's competitive seafood processing landscape, minimizing operational inefficiencies is paramount. Traditional roller graders, while functional, are susceptible to mis-grading shrimp. This seemingly minor issue can lead to significant financial losses. Typically, Large shrimp accidentally sorted into smaller size categories translates to a lower selling price. Even the most efficient processors can lose thousands of dollars daily due to this inaccuracy. Laitram Machinery Smart Sorter utilizes laser-imaging technology to scan each shrimp, guaranteeing precise sorting into designated size bins. By eliminating mis-graded Shrimp, Smart Soter help processors overcome the costly challenge of "Big Shrimp Giveaways." The Smart Sorter delivers a proven cost advantage, typically saving processors from $0.05/lb to $0.012 depending on the product graded, with the potential for even higher savings depending on your operation.

Another benefit offered by Laitram Machinery Smart Sorter is Automation; The Smart Sorter automates the grading process entirely after the feed tank is loaded, significantly eliminating the need for large grading crew, requiring only 1-2 people for operation. The Smart Sorter's versatility extends beyond HLSO grading, working efficiently for PUD and HOSO as well. Additionally, Laitram's system provides real-time data, allowing you to analyze every batch processed by the Laitram Machinery Smart Sorter.

“SONGA, a leading Ecuadorian shrimp exporter, call it the 'Ferrari of shrimp grading' after experiencing its exceptional performance. Impressed by the results from their first machine, SONGA immediately invested in two additional Smart Sorters.”

Exciting News! Laitram Machinery Acquired Martak's shrimp peeling business.

Laitram strengthened its commitment to cold-water shrimp processing with the acquisition of Martak's shrimp peeling business. This strategic move expands our reach in Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and beyond, enabling them to deliver innovative, efficient solutions, and exceptional customer service to the global shrimp processing industry. With this acquisition Laitram's president, James Lapeyre, believe that by joining these leading operations, “both companies can focus on their respective core competencies, and the resultant combination will provide the scale and resources that will better serve our customer base in the years to come.”

Visit Laitram and See the Difference

While automation was once seen as a futuristic ideal, Laitram Machinery recognizes it as a present necessity. Shrinking profit margins in the shrimp industry demand immediate action. The most effective path to increased profitability lies in reducing operational expenses (OPEX). Visit Laitram at Booth #3HH201 to witness firsthand how Laitram's revolutionary technologies can transform your shrimp processing plant. Don't let outdated practices cost you millions. Embrace automation and unlock a new era of success.

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