SupplyNote brings SaaS solutions for food businesses to AAHAR

Visit Hall number 4, stall 19 explore end-to-end solutions to manage inventory, place orders, and uncover sales performance insights
SupplyNote brings SaaS solutions for food businesses to AAHAR

SupplyNote at AAHAR

Founded in2019, SupplyNote is a B2B SaaS-based platform for food and beverage businesses that provides end-to-end management of the supply chain with an integrated marketplace. Established by the founders- Kushang-CEO, Abhishek Verma-COO, Nitin Prakash-CPO and Harshit Mittal-CTO, the company aims to become the backbone of the F&B supply chain by evolving into the one-stop solution for all supply chain needs- software, services, and the marketplace.

Kushang, co-founder and chief executive officer of SupplyNote, said, “While in the short term, the idea is to provide a marketplace where merchants can discover suppliers for their raw material and transact with them, orders from which will be fulfilled by SupplyNote.”

SupplyNote offers three distinct segments of services:

  • Cloud-based software for managing inventory, procurement and production. This solution helps restaurants monitor the inventory as per the average requirement of the outlet. Thus, avoiding any wastage and reducing the cost of operations.

  • Warehouse and logistics solutions - This segment would address all sorts of logistics requirements for the business. The business doesn’t have to look for a separate partner, thus avoiding any hassles.

  • eCommerce (food packaging, housekeeping, groceries etc.) day-to-day requirements of the food businesses like procuring material, groceries and connecting with the suitable suppliers can be managed through this one platform

SupplyNote participates in AAHAR from 26 to 30 April at Pragati Maidaan, New Delhi. Speaking of their participation and expectations from the trade show, Kushang mentioned, “AAHAR is one of the most reputed events in the F&B industry with the impressive footfall relevant to the F&B industry. SupplyNote participates in the event to meet potential audiences and spread awareness of the new digitization trend and its benefit to the sector. This has become important as the industry needs to adapt to the change to recover from the pandemic blow. This can only happen if everyone comes together to steer the revolution under the tech umbrella.”

SupplyNote team will be glad to meet you at Hall number 4, Stall No 19 at AAHAR 2022, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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